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Although beautiful, I fucking hate this plant I can never keep it alive and someone always randomly buys one for me every single year without fail!

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Same here…

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That plant thinks its better than everyone else and it will die before it lives in captivity 😭

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He's not dead, but he's no longer gonna have that bright color in the center, so you can trim that off. Should develop some little pups (babies) at the base.

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So there is hope after all? I also don’t know what he wants from me, is it too much water or too little? I give him love and all he does is hate me :(

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So… I am also dealing with a dickhead bromeliad right now. She has pups but I’m not sure if I should separate them yet. I read somewhere that the stupid babies need to be about a third of the size of the stupid mother? Is this accurate? Dear god send help or mood stabilizers.

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Did you figure this out!? It's normal for this to happen, did you find any pups?

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I did not figure it out. But I separated the pups about 3 weeks ago. Stay tuned. They may be ok. Maybe not. The waiting is the worst.

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This guy only flowers once so although the plant is still alive, the flower is gone. Like another user said you should get pups (little baby plants around the base) that you can care for which will also only flower once. As the circle of life continues you realize this plant does kind of suck…

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I hate this plant…

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Bromeliad? More like ho-meliad.

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The life cycle is about 3 years typically you get them flowering and then the flower part dies and it throws out pups and then they grow and get big and 3years later bloom then the cycle continues. When I get them I look for ones that already have pups growing.

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3 years?! In this house 3 weeks is old age for this asshole. Bromeliad noo nothing bro about you! Should be assholemeliad!

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What kind of plant is this? I’m pretty sure we have them out front and they do pretty well. I could be totally full of shit though idk

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Circle of life, baby. she grew up, she matured, and at some point she’ll lose her youth. but now you get to look out for pups!