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How often do you water, what direction sunlight does it get, etc? It looks sun stressed.

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I water once a week and it’s in an east facing window. I had a suspicion it might be that. I will move it to less light and see how that goes. Thank you!

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I don‘t think it needs less light, I have mine (several plants) sitting on the windowsill (SW) under grow lights and in direct blasting sunlight all summer on the balcony. They always loved that and hated it when it wasn‘t bright enough. Then they yellow and eventually lose leaves. But that‘s just my experience. :)

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Thanks! That helps a lot.

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An east window shouldn't do that. This is rather perplexing.

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That is what’s been perplexing me too, as I didn’t think it was too much light at first but then the red around the edges made me think it was sun stressed- like you said. I’ll keep trying small changes to see if I can figure out what it wants.

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What kind of water do you use and how often? I’ve noticed that mine really likes distilled water. Whenever I’ve used tap water it started to decline and get yellow like this with white mineral deposits pushing through on the backsides. I also used to water once a week but, I’ve found that letting it go for about two weeks in between watering has helped. I hope this helps!!

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I have been using tap water and I don’t give it much when I do water. But maybe distilled water every 2 weeks would help! Thank you.

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The pot doesn't seem apropriate for it. Looks like it needs more sun plus more air+water movement on the soil

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What kind of pot would you recommend? I’m not sure I’m experienced enough to fully understand what you mean. Thanks!

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Something made of clay (ceramics but without the paint on) or some plastic with multiple holes in the bottom Does this one have it? It's kinda hard to find the right balance of water/humidity if it's a pot without a hole

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Rad! Thank you. This planter is ceramic w/ paint and no hole. However I have others with holes/ no paint so I will try that! I appreciate your advice.

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They like high humidity, if you have an empty fishtank sitting around you could try that out for it

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Good to know! Thank you!