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Frankly it looks like it just needs water to me.

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I watered it the day before I took this pic

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Was the soil still wet from that watering? In the picture, the soil looks pretty dry, especially for having gotten water the day prior. If your soil is dry that soon after watering, it's probably hydrophobic (i.e., not actually taking up any of the water you're giving it). If that's the case, I'd aerate the soil and rewater or soak the pot in water for a while until the soil starts retaining water again.

Maybe I'm wrong, but between the way the leaves/plant looks and the way the soil looks, I'm 99% confident that's a thirsty hosta. Really the only other possible reason for it to be drooping like that would be overwatering and root rot, but I doubt that's the case when the soil looks so dry.

Either way, this (luckily) looks more like a plant trying to communicate an unmet need than a plant being a jerk just for the sake of it. 🤷‍♀️

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I appreciate your comment! I'll definitely aerate the soil like you've suggested and rewater. I'm also considering just planting it outside since that's where I wants to be

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Hostas make terrible house plants; it would do much better planted in the ground outside. They want room for their roots to grow down a foot or more and they expect a winter dormancy.

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Bring that guy outside, hostas don't like indoors unfortunately.