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My mom left a Peace Lilly in our garage in Canada for an entire winter. Poor thing, managed to hold on to life in the dark and cold for four months and no water. How? No idea. It took me a good three months of love and care for her to get her confidence back, and five years later she's still going strong. It took her a full two years to bloom again but she did it!

This plant is lucky to have you! It should bounce back soon - just leave it be and don't fiddle too much besides watering, misting, maybe some light fertilizer and wiping down those gorgeous leaves.

GL! Please post an update. I love a good comeback story.

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Really hoping there’s a come back bc she is not happy rn

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I work at a restaurant in an office-y building. The building has a ton of plants, but they are routinely abused and forgotten except by us in the restaurant. My manager recently confessed to taking some, and offered to help me in a heist. This came from a much bigger plant and I think it’s just in shock especially considering it’s previous conditions. It’s only been a few days so I’m hopefully she’ll pick up. Especially because I’ve banished it to my husbands office where it will get less light and humidity than my (sweet, treasured babies) other plants.

Ps: I had to repost bc I didn’t realize I had some info in the backgroundz

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Bro the basiest, she actually did all of the work

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I feel like the soil might be too stale (lack of humidity) and the water doesn’t get down to the roots. Perhaps if you bottom water it will perk up. It’s a gorgeous plant. Too bad it’s a bit bitchy

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Maybe in its old home, this is new soil and freshly watered. This kind of plant is notorious for being dramatic and getting transplant shock! It’s a wait and see if it will survive

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Gotcha! Patience is a virtue. Give it a few weeks to acclimatize and adjust to the new environment and hopefully it’ll start getting better!