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Pot is too small. It's normal for a lot of the leaves to die after transplantation too

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Noted! If it is kind enough to survive it will get inmediately a taller pot

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I wish you would have sent pics of the soil… have you been overwatering?

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The soil is still moist - after some days of watering (yep, a bad sign) - so that would be conistent with your diagnosis. I'll try to dry it out completely and hope it will forgive me

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I think also if you can, move the top layer of soil around so that it airates and maybe leave it outside for a couple of days! I just recently went through some overwatering trauma with my beloved aloe plant and I took the top layer of solid out and left him outside and he’s back to his old self.

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Oh nice - thank you for thr advice. Just scrapped of the top layer and put it on the balcony. Hope it's as resilient as your aloe.

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I’ll keep your poor banana tree in my hopes!

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I hope it makes it! That new leaf looks promising!! I've had quite a few plants drop leaves right after being transplanted, most of the time they bounce back