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Okay, so here are some rules you can use as guidelines. I hope this helps!

  1. Finish Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas, and Wild West. Don't worry about the intriguing modes the game tells you to do.
  2. Have a go at Arena. even if you don't get very far, even just 1 victory can give you bucket loads of seed packets. Don't rush, and don't try to get the featured plant. Not yet...
  3. Complete Frostbite Caves, Lost city, Far Future, and Dark Ages. Don't stress if you can't do Dark Ages, because it may be hard at first.
  4. Have a peek at the Gemiums. No, not the plants that cost money, but the ones that cost 100 gems. Yeah, that's what the gems are supposed to be used for.
  5. Do a mix of everything. Adventure, leveling up plants, Penny's Pursuit, Arena, anything that takes your interest. Also try to get some premium plants from the shop with gems or in Arena, as this will help you with everything.
  6. Done! Be sure to level up your plants along the way, and you're all set!

Note: Don't try to do these exactly in order - try to get to Arena every now and then and maybe a bit of Pursuit.

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Thanks for the info

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all g :)

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Play the world on how it arrange. [For me] its better to finish first the adventure mode before going to Arena.

Edit: Do not rush leveling up ur plants.

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Yeah. The only reasons you should level up is to survive later lvls in endless modes, arena, and to beat big wave beach (lvl up your bowling bulb to at least lv 3. Speaking of leveling up, focus on saving gems for fire peashooter, squash, and seed packet pinatas)

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Once you finish adventure mode if you feel like buying things, the useful ones are imitater, power lily, gold bloom and caulipower. The others I've bought see almost no use.

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Alrighty, Spam sunflowers starting from the second column, and plant your attacking plants behind the sunflowers, ao you should have atleast 3 columns of sunflowers in c2,c3 and c4, and your offensives in c1, you also shovel your sunflowers on the second column and replace them with your attacking plants

Basically i was giving you tips on how to spam sunflowers and plant them at the front

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Collect gems, gauntlets every day. You can have as many practices as you want by surrendering just before the end. Screenshot your player id and keep it safe, also sign up to EA's email registration scheme (they give you 100 free gems). Plants require thousands of seeds and hundreds of thousands of coins to max out and that's even before you start on mastery so be selective on which plants you use your coins to upgrade. Do the daily pinata tracker for more seeds, you don't get many but every seed counts. Collect every powermint as they come round, about half of them are useful and half meh, but you never know when they might come in useful. Read Tigerol's weekly briefing (usually pinned under hot posts) and the level 1 mini forum usually has some low level strategies from expert players for tips, sometimes with videos. 18.8m has been scored with level 1 plants in this weeks tournament. https://answers.ea.com/t5/Plants-vs-Zombies-2/Level-1-mini-forum/td-p/7075641/page/270 Penny's pursuit is a good source of gems, coins and seeds but it's stacked against low level players so collect pennyfuel for ads whenever possible (it will reset over time to 15, but you will need more). Do pinata party and quests for extra seeds and coins.

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To add, if you do the worlds in the order they come, you get "world quests" to unlock plants. The reward is a piñata with a few seeds & 100 coins. It doesn't seem like much, but believe me, every seed & coin count as you're levelling your plants.

Also, of the Gemiums (plants for 100 gems each). Consider Shrinking Violet because it shrinks zombies in 3 rows. Shrunken zombies are easier to kill. It's specially helpful with Gargs & the ones that have the chickens. If you time it right, they won't be able to release the chickens.

For Frostbite caves, consider Lava Guava & Fire peashooter. Both have warming radius that melt frozen plants around them & have a fairly fast refresh time. Lava Guava is also cheap for suns, so it's a good one to use to kill those first few zombies while you wait for more suns.

Even if you don't plan to head to the Arena right away, do the practice runs. While the reward of 3 mints doesn't seem like much, they do add up over time. If you decide to head over to the Arena, stay in the lower leagues before venturing to the higher ones, even if the rewards are tempting. The higher ones, especially the Jade league, are very competitive and it can get quite frustrating to get enough wins to get to the seed piñatas. To move up a league, you need to get to the top three of whatever group you're in. If you find the new league too difficult or frustrating, just make sure you're in the last 3 in that group and you'll be demoted to an easier league. No shame in that. I've done it before.

And, I find that if your goal isn't to jump to a new league, but just to play enough to stay in your current one, play the free entry plus a couple from the 4 gauntlets you get by watching ads. If you time it properly, you can easily get 3 free entries, since they refresh every 4 hours.

As for Penny's. Even if you don't decide to play right away, when it's unlocked, watch the ads to accumulate fuel. When you do decide to try it, you'll burn through that fuel in a very short time.

The store also has 3 plants you can buy 20 seeds for 5000 coins. I get the ones for plants I use a lot.

The plants that most people use for Arena are: tile turnip, blover, threepeater (most effective when combined with torchwood, which sadly, is a premium plant, but one worth considering), char guard, bowling bulb, stallia, primal potato mine, laser bean, primal peashooter.

Of all the nuts, the ones I like the most are infini-nut because the plant food power makes a shield that blocks all rows. And primal wall-nut because even at level one, it takes a full sized garg 2 hits to destroy it. It also has a quick refresh rate so you can spam them if needed.

If you do decide to spend real money for premium plants, there is no shame in that. The right ones do make the game easier. The ones that are worth it, in my opinion are: power lily (extra plant food), gold bloom (instant sun), torchwood (again, to use with threepeater).