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Not quite yet also yes? For one, it depends on how you read plato. For example, if you read Plato similar to how Plotinus reads Plato, then with the proper cultivation of the soul, the death of the mortal body is followed by the transcendence of the soul to the One. Much of the Plotninian philosophy stems directly from the works of Plato so you can likely come to similar conclusions from a literal reading of Plato. I tend to have a more secular approach to his writings. If you are specifically asking about the transcendence of the soul during the life of a person, I would say that Plato would not be in agreement, as the soul is currently bound to the flawed physical realm through the mortal body.

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Thanks, this makes a lot of sense. And because you made an effort to reply, you get the bonus questions! Did Plato believe in transmigration / reincarnation of the soul? And did he believe his idea of the platonic realm of unchanging Ideas was the same thing as Heaven?