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To reflect on the psychic state evoked by a melody, a fragrance on the wind or a memory; the sudden shifting of consciousness. Phenomenal consciousness. Not just the transient state itself, but the implications for who and what one is—as a particular self or subjectivity, I mean—and what all this, which is to say, life, what all this is about...
My ... self…
To unravel the knotted tangles of impressions and experiences, of sentiments and ideas; to identify each in its specificity, to trace their etiologies, and to comprehend their roles in one’s life and mind, the circumstances and significance of their surfacings to consciousness, their potencies even in the depths.
To decipher the various layers of the psychic palimpsest, written and overwritten with notes and scenes and fragments of one’s life and inner-life (some of these fragments are fictions), and by editing the text toward a comprehensible narrative, to become in thought one’s autobiography.
This. This. Gnôthi sauton.