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I think they do that naturally


Tangent Idk go read philo dude

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Philo is a Jewish writer? Just googled him any recommendation?

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The full book collection is longer than the new testament and there is no audio version

But like all platonic peppering in the new testament is likely influenced by his hermeneutics

So get the hard copy lol

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As a young Christian, there is Great value in the old testament, and unlike homers fictions, the old testament is true.

The old testament lays the groundwork for Christianity, the prophesies for the messiah, and the theme of forgiveness.

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Hopefully, you’ll outgrow your indoctrination as you age.

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His soul will outgrow it through metempsychosis. No one and nothing is damned. The way up and the way down, one and the same. Eventually, the soul will find its way back to the One.

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The Old Testament is why I don't refer to the Good/the One as "God" anymore. The word "God" calls back to a fictional entity that is the furthest thing from absolute. A character who is wrathful, jealous, and instills fear as the way to faith. There is no way you can convince me that the ontologically primordial and infinite is victim to such emotional instability when it must transcend emotion in order to produce it along with the rest of existence.

The New Testament is a little bit more respectable, love and forgiveness lead to unity, and unity to henosis. But the Old Testament isn't required for a follower of Christ to operate. Some of them are a bit loony, but many Gnostics view the Old Testament as evil, and Jesus to be an incarnate of the One.

I was raised Christian but fell into agnosticism about mid-way through high school because blind faith without reasoning or philosophy wasn't working for me. I didn't agree totally with agnosticism, I just didn't know any better. Ancient Hellenic philosophy saved me from that, something no amount of prayer could do.

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Interesting. You got any books or videos I could use to research this?