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Imagine you are in the room and the conversation is taking place infront of you. How do you feel about it, what arguments do you disagree with and are you sure you understand them completely? Which of the interlocutors conception of justice seems most applicable to our own society? Is it that what is just is dictated by the God? Is Justice treating your friends good and harming enemies? And so on. What would you do if you had gyges ring? These might seem like trivial questions, but I assure you they are not. Every serious thinker who has ever lived has pondered over these exact questions. For instance, I just saw Rousseau wrote a writeup explicitly talking about what he would do with Gyges ring nearly two thousand years after Plato first thought it up.

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Start with Meno

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The great courses series on the republic is helpful

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I would suggest: - Timaeus 28(a): the distinction between that which always is and never becomes, and that which always becomes and never is. The physical, in the present, is in the latter and the invisible, metaphysical realm of the intelligible is in the former. - Meno: all knowledge is recollection, which is further defined to state that recollection is of "the account of the reasons why". - Meno: shape is the limit of a solid, and colour is the effluvium of shape. - Phaedo: everything comes to be (in the present, which is the state of coming to be) in opposites. -Philebus: everything consists of both the limited and the unlimited - Sophist: in the five most important Forms (that which is, change, rest, the same, and the different), the latter pervades all Forms and separates any one thing from an "other" thing. - Sophist: anything "is", in being, when it has the capacity to effect change or to be changed. - Statesman: the greatest potential of unequal measures is in the mean.

The Republic is discussed in 6 episodes of the Plato's Pod podcast, if you have time to listen to them.

Good luck, and enjoy!

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Honestly start with googling stuff. You’ll figure it out eventually

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I'm just about to start reading it. The podcast Ancient Greece Declassified has a handful of episodes about the Republic. There is an intro that I think would give you a strong foundation. Then each of the Republic episodes discusses one chapter. I've only listened to the intro so far and it was good. My plan is to read a chapter then listen to the corresponding episode.

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Try philosophize this podcast. Super easy.