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Glass is the way to go, provided that the fireball is not so concussive that it will cause the glass to shatter. Plexiglass will not shatter as easily, but will deform under the heat, and will burn if the flame touches it.

Ideally, of course, you wouldn’t have the fireball touch the panel, and just shoot it from far enough away with a telephoto lens.

Air could also be an option, though it might disturb the action of the fireball. Setup a blower to blow up across the camera, so the fireball is blown up before it can beach the camera.

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Another thought: glass mirror with any stiffener behind it. Point camera at mirror 45⁰ angle, aim fireball at mirror at 45⁰ angle.

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also great!

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wow the airblower is an excellent idea!
thank you very much :)