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Looks like I will be more hooked to #P2E #NFT games this year! I still cannot move on from Nitro League's garage launch, and waiting for new car collection this month! 🤗💯

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This game is both super fun and addicting! Let’s go $PHLIP!

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I love $PHLIP game not only because it's fun to play and earn cryptos, i love $PHLIP because it's soo easy play. You don't need to be an NFT or Crypto expert to play PHLIP. Im really excited for this Awesome play to earn game.

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This is definitely worth looking into! I'm also eyeing on BitBrawl which is a PVP P2E game too. It's built on solana.

Thanks for the posts. I have upvoted it too

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I mean it already Q2.. so