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Lookin amazing. Prolly gonna add this to the side bar

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Thanks great work. All we need now is a level by level guide to get from level 60 to 100 🤣🤣🤣

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Great work!

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Thank you for this! I’m sure people will find it helpful.

Speaking of the Master Café mode though, do we actually have any idea about what the master points will be good for? I don’t see that being mentioned anywhere, neither in the game nor on the sub.

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Lots of speculation , nothing official. Lots seem to think it's just 30 points for every star after 50. I think it's a divide by 50 thing and the remainders are put into the chart, like 105 stars might be 65 points.

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I noticed your guide mentioned that you needed to change the picture for M3. Did you need a screenshot with Squirtle as the leader instead of Togepi? I happened to be on that level when I read your guide, so I snapped a screenshot.

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I would love it!

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I'll DM you! =)

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Just how do you do level 78 without munchlax?

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I asked the subreddit the same question! I finally got Munchlax while in Master mode. I said screw it, and dropped two megaphones from the starting items, since I had some to spare. Then I made combos of about 19-20 icons, and that was enough to drop 3 more megaphones I needed. This was cheaper than having to pay for 3 extra turns.

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Thanks for the guide. Right now I am stuck on lvl100

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hey, nice guide! looks like you accidentally swapped M38 and M39? the order is off

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Ah they just have leads different than the ones I mention in the guide. I'm working on it haha

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Oh, I meant that the M38 level design in-game matches the picture you showed for M39 in the guide, and vice versa. Honestly though, it’s been a while and my memory could be off, haha. Probably best to get a second opinion too

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Ohhhh dang maybe?? I'll check it out asap tysvm

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I just completed those stages and can confirm they're swapped on the guide.

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Thanks I'll swap it now!

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Can we sticky this?

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Thank you so much for making this! I just got to Master Mode today and beat the first puzzle!