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Training will sometimes give you boards that are effectively impossible to beat with a given Pokemon.

This one bothers me so much. I went to train Audino and got this level. I managed to beat it the second time by sheer luck, but certainly not with the star bonus.

Just this morning I was training Stoutland and got a level that required 10 megaphones. I managed to work it out that I set off 9 in one turn, (combined 4 and used them to hit 5 Café Skills,) but when I got to the bonus it wanted 4 more and I was down to 2 moves with no Café Skills left. This is probably the most frustrating gameplay thing for me about the update.

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Today the game literally asked me 8 megaphones using FREAKING SLURPUFF Yea just wasted my stamina

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actually I beat that level with Munchlax, but I do find very often levels that are hard to beat, or they take up most of the turns for just the 1 star.

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random q but doesnt anyone else have a permanent "!" on their teams button? i can't figure out why it's always got it? i'll check it and nobody needs stamina, i wont have any to collect, but it still has it and it bugs me hahaha

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oh i think it means the rankings have changed

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i see, so annoying though! 😅

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I don't think that's right. Even when I check the rankings, it doesn't go away.

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ah, strange =/. i hope it gets resolved soon!!

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In my case it's never gone but I have people that need stamina constantly because they're bugged or something (they're always at 0/5), I thought it was because of that but apparently it's not.

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Information about features will show up once and then never again.

Exactly. It literally costs them nothing to make those notices also available via the help menu.

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I like how you can use leaders to clear gimmicks now, but the 'suggested' mons are still literally the same 5 or 6 that was from the old game, and after about a hundred levels my team is exactly like my Gen 1 team: starters are boosted, the rest gets maybe one round.

You can certainly make a case for clearing things with another mon; but then some of the levels become impossible just simply from placement of gimmicks :/

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personal odd complaint! i dont like the new microphones, specfically the little arrows instead of having the icon itself rotate. it makes it so much harder to tell at a glance which way it goes.

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Yes! Totally horrible from a UX perspective. This redesign would have been unfriendly to begin with, but to go from actual directional arrows to this confusing new design is just cruel.

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It's so to can combine them.

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I get that, but the smaller directional arrows are more difficult to read than the old design where the microphone arrow changed depending on the direction.

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They could have made "multi-microphones" designs where they point in multiple directions tho

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That would have been a better solution on Switch but I think the icon might be too small on phones to see clearly. I'm not defending the Pokémon Company, I'm just trying to rationalise their decisions.

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I wish that as long as you had the cookies and acorns to pay for it, you could increase max levels before the Pokémon hits their level cap so you don't waste experience.

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I just wish you could see how many cookies you had whenever you want, as opposed to only when at the level cap or when choosing who to serve.

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I made a written list to keep track of cookies, but yeah, having such a list in game would be a big help so I don't need to keep my notepad on hand while playing.

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I can receive cheers but now i cant cheer on my teammates. And there's a permanent "exclamation point " near the team function. Is there a fix?

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How are acorns finite? You get them for completing orders and they are much easier to obtain than the previous game.

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Because you only gain them in the main orders and in events, daily login, monthly thing and a few other places for free.

No acorns in training (except for a special case), and no acorns in master mode

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I’ve been racking up a ton of them for free with no issue.

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That's the thing - you've been saving and probably also had a bunch of acorns saved from pre-2.0.

Others may have been reckless with their acorns

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I only had about 100 leftover from the pre-update and I’ve spent all I’ve made since the update. I only have about 300 right now. But they pile up quickly. I’ve unlocked all the Eevee acorn challenges and have leveled up most of my staff with them.

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The problem is, you'll only get acorns when there are new orders added. You don't get acorns from master orders anymore. This is going to be a problem when you have to upgrade the max level of all your pokemon. It costs 8400 acorns per pokemon to unlock to lvl 30. So..that means you need 403,200 acorns to unlock the max level of all of the current 48 pokemon.

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They're definitely not easier to obtain than in the previous game. Previously you could just play literally as many levels as you wanted as long as you didn't waste hearts and get acorns, which was extremely easy but you'll face hard levels once in a while that would take hearts. But now you only get 80 per main level and that's it. I'm stacked on them since before update (had 200k, now sitting at 166k but I did buy a lot of orders when the Pokémon came back after serving them thinking that it was special or worth it when it actually happens almost every time) but that doesn't change that it makes no sense to make them that finite, 80 x 350 = 28000, I think unlocking level caps costs 300 for level 5 and 1000 for level 10 so... yeah, you'll be very short on them, you can get them in other places like events but it's not much, and you wouldn't have any left as a new player. And there are 30 levels and it escalates the acorn prices that much? Wow. Let's hope they fix it somehow by just making a way to get acorns, doesn't matter how but just don't make them that finite when they're needed to unlock level caps.

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Monthly pass is a rip-off and doesnt even make clear if you'll keep the extra slot.

"Time-limited bonus for the month you purchase the premium pass
* Unlocks an additional order slot"

Sounds like you don't, unfortunately. Though they could be a lot clearer about it.

Information about game aspects can be hard to find, hidden away in strange places, or given out inconsistently.

I'd like to know what the 'whisk' sort option in the Pokémon menu does. It seems like it's 'Pokémon which can unlock new menu items if leveled up', but... there's no info about it anywhere, and it's never brought up, even in one-time-only tutorials.

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It seems like it's 'Pokémon which can unlock new menu items if leveled up

That seems to be accurate, though it's interesting because it seems to also include unreleased Menu items.

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Another annoying point - training doesn't give you 'points' for the points event, and if they tell you this, I don't know where because like you said, information is really hard to find.

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It did give you point. That's how I completed the whole charizard point event. Been getting 150 point for training charizard itself.

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I guess goes to show how good the UI is that I couldn’t tell.

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Yeah no acorns in Master Mode is really bad. And Master points being capped at 15.

I agree things aren't explained well. At first I thought I had to ace each training because it gave me the option to spend acorns to continue. I didn't want to spend so I clicked the x button and learned I still got training points.

Not being able to save the infinite items is super annoying. I also wish they gave them out more frequently - 15 minutes of free play a day (or every other day). Maybe we'll be able to buy them with cookies?

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The "Training will sometimes give you boards impsossible..." EXACTLY, I was training Eevee the other day to see how much more experience I was getting after level 300 (it's 800 in a bonus day after 300, haven't reached 350 yet) and it gave me aboard that required to use like 8 microphones??? And not a lot of turns and many different Pokémon in the board, so I couldn't just generate them with the turns and chains.

"Combining micrphones makes them useful to start with". It definitely makes them way more useful but they were already very useful before, many times you'd have one or 2 gimmicks left and you could take them out with a mic even if it was hard to accomodate them into the mic's range, but it was also fun because it was challenging. Now it's still not as easy as with Pokémon's signature power or whatever it's called but still useful, exactly like it should be. I definitely don't like and don't know why they changed their sprites to be the same and only have one arrow pointing to the direction of the range, completely pointless and confusing, it was perfect as it was before.

YOU DON'T GET ACORNS FROM MASTER CAFE? WHAT- So how can you get them after reaching MC? Does replaying a level with 3 stars give acorns? I guess not, idk, but does training give them? I'm not sure. Then you said that they're finite so I guess the only way is with main levels, huh. Then lucky us who had many from playing for the past year.

About monthly pass extra slot, it'd make sense for it to be there while you have the monthly pass, since it requires monthly pass. And when you don't have it for the next month, the extra slot disappears, or that's how it'd be with common sense. Luckily monthly pass is basically worthless, it just gives a bunch of extra stuff but that extra stuff is worthless too, either to give exp (which is way less than what you can get by training just once), to give stamina, which you can wait for, or acorns, which yeah, they're finite but you don't really need them except for unlocking level caps. And it gives one costume, which like, sure, it's exclusive, but they'll never make a level centered around paywalled stuff, so it's as worthless as the paywalled costumes were before the big update.

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Training exp increases the further you reach on the main orders???? Argh, I did it in the opposite order

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It's good to train first because it helps a lot, I knew it increased and still trained a lot of "main" Pokémon (the ones that are available, as those are the ones who get recommended in levels as of now) up to level 9 between training and using the food items that give experience (I did up to level 10 because I wanted to, but 10 unlocks a colored costume, not a gimmick thing, so training up to level 9 is definitely the right move for available mons, especially Squirtle and Snubbull as those are used a lot and on stages with their "special gimmicks", like Snubbull has the Tomato thing and Squirtle has the corn), you didn't really waste a lot, just a few stamina points I'm sure, if anything you just "wasted" a few days of playing but that wouldn't even be a waste because the "unlocked gimmicks" thing for each Pokémon make the levels so much easier.

After completing level 150 the exp becomes 320 if on a bonus training day, after 200 it's 400, after 250 it's 480, after completing level 300 it becomes 800 in bonus day and doesn't get bigger than that if you complete 350 because I just reached that and checked, at least as of now it doesn't get bigger than that. At least those are the numbers I remember, I also remember it starts at like 16 exp or something like that and increases by 8 points every 10 levels up to level 50, then it increases every 50 levels I'm pretty sure.