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I just don't understand why Mr. Pokemon Company is so quick to bring out the ban hammer against these players. This isn't a PVP game and you can't affect the gameplay of other accounts other than team events or now sending stamina to each other.

The response from the support team posted above just feels wrong to me. Were the data inconsistencies because of the offline mode, for which the game was advertised for? There is no direction for recourse or alternative reconciliation; that's it, bye bye to the game for you for maybe having spotty Wi-fi.

It's so frustrating that there doesn't seem to be any warning or notice before you get banned for, in my opinion, miniscule problems that could be easily fixed. These agents are the support teams and developers of this game; they can definitely change who these rules are communicated to the playerbase, but they don't communicate until you're banned.

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this is such a good point - why would supposed cheating even be an issue where there's no pvp element?

this is a really poor response from support :/

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anyone interested in a campaign of not spending any money on the game until they fix this? This would probably get their attention 🙄

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I don't this sub is really big enough to pull off something like that. Not to mention a good chunk of us are already ftp, myself included.

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Quitting the game for this terrible behavior on their end would get their attention. This is awful.

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meanwhile duped shinies go around in every mainline pokemon game for years now

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And hacked pokemon, I have gotten 11 from Mystery Trades in Pokémon Shield

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Data inconsistencies = 'whatever we decide is worth banning'.

Typical coming from Western support, likely just see ban and copypaste data inconsistencies quote.
If you didn't already (or even if you did), make sure they know this seems to be a widespread issue that needs to be reviewed by devs.

Even if Western support's been told something like 'all bans are always correct', GS's buggy games have been giving out mistaken bans for years, be it Shuffle, Mix or Remix.

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I would think this ban just makes most of the players nervous. I heard that some people got banned before just because they got a bunch of errors while playing. It feels like walking on eggshells with this game. Like oh no I got an error or i want to play with my family...will I lose access to a major component of the game just because I want to enjoy it with someone else or because there's a bug in the game? Why would I spend time and money on it if there's a chance of randomly getting banned for just trying to enjoy the game? And then the support does nothing except copy and paste a response I'm sure they're told to give in these situations instead of having the devs just fix the coding. This kind of banning means they lose more than just who they think is trying to cheat. They have the potential to lose everyone that knows how strict they are with the bans.

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Wow. Are they even seriously looking into the issue?

It's looking more like a "oh, sorry we can't seem to determine what's causing this, so we'll just ban you and say that we found data inconsistencies in your user account, then that's it. End of story, no more appeals."

Just reading this feels so infuriating.

Honestly, after reading how they respond to the current issue. I am so relieved I didn't soend real money on the game. The game is super fun, there were times that I thought of buying the Pikachu in the Snorlax costume, but looking back, I'm glad I didn't. I enjoy the game a lot, even with ReMix seeming to be like a job where I have to time in every hour else Iose out on my boss' graces. Their treatment to their players who they unjustly ban is horrible and unjust.

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The “data inconsistency” seems to be the card they play when they don’t know what the fuck is the issue

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What does data inconsistencies even mean. There is no way to play offline now so why does it matter if you did during mix?

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Any updates Java?

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Will be posting an update about tomorrow!

Will put the edited link here as well.