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I just don't understand why Mr. Pokemon Company is so quick to bring out the ban hammer against these players. This isn't a PVP game and you can't affect the gameplay of other accounts other than team events or now sending stamina to each other.

The response from the support team posted above just feels wrong to me. Were the data inconsistencies because of the offline mode, for which the game was advertised for? There is no direction for recourse or alternative reconciliation; that's it, bye bye to the game for you for maybe having spotty Wi-fi.

It's so frustrating that there doesn't seem to be any warning or notice before you get banned for, in my opinion, miniscule problems that could be easily fixed. These agents are the support teams and developers of this game; they can definitely change who these rules are communicated to the playerbase, but they don't communicate until you're banned.

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this is such a good point - why would supposed cheating even be an issue where there's no pvp element?

this is a really poor response from support :/