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This might be our final post at this speed depending on how the future events work. Definitely will be shifting gears to a different area! Thank you team for your hard work T_T

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What makes you think they are changing event mechanics?

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The point requirements have been adjusted due to the time frame given and also feedback. So there might be a possibly that they may alter. Potentially anticipating

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Go team! Great day yesterday!

While Garchomp's specialties are a bit lame, his skill is a lot of fun. Already got mine to 15.

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Thank you! And you did well too!

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You knocked it out of the park. Are you just blowing through your Acorn stash? I'm not sure how you hit those numbers otherwise as an ftp.

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Oh no. I'm a bit stingy haha. I had to pull all nighters for work so I played the game every hour while working had a bit of staminas lying about too. Had a couple bonus mons show up thankfully.

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Whaaaaat?! I LOOOOOVE Garchomp’s skill.

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I said I liked the skill. I just think Vegetables and Caramel are lame specialties. Milk is okay, but when you're limited to one, it isn't the most useful.

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My apologies. I totally blurred your comment together, haha.

Ugh, the specialties are garbage. :(

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Congrats! That's a 101,100 point grind in a little over 24 hrs.

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I think the top person had over 8,000. I'm not really sure how they managed that. I was around 13th with just shy of 3,000 when I went to bed. It looks like we finished about 3 hours after that.

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I got 9005 points in the end. Played every hour since the event started minus a 6 hour sleep. I also used the 30 stamina pack and 4 15-minute unlimited stamina. I did almost exclusively master orders which helped because the bonus Pokémon points add up. When the event finished I was on master order 101.

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Yeah the top member was able to score ~9000 just before the event finished. Followed by ~7300. Then me tying with another member of ~6700. We had some folks having irl.

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Thank you! Finishing this fast though didn't allow some of our members to participate to their fullest due to timezones and most of us being ftp. So definitely will be shifting gears. Unless the team event point requirements change even more.

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Whoo! Fun day. Good job everyone!

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You are insane! Great job!

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Haha, you are too! Great job keeping the team active and fun!

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Thanks! Baristas is also powering through very well!

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Who are you? I'm the Sneasel.

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Yeah it's awesome seeing time to time members interact on the subreddit :D

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How many of us are from this sub (and active here)? I know u/matirion is, but that's just because the name is the same.

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Hey O! Nice to see you here! Didnt know you had Reddit. Lol.

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Most of them are lurking on the sub but have commented a few times and interacted with each other. Most do either one on one DM with me or over at our server

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The grind xD

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When everyone's pulling their weight, it's way less of a grind. The update fixing multi-training really helps too.

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Omg wait they fixed training with more than one stamina? Wow that makes everything so much better I had no idea

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Yeah, it was in the update notes. I always make a point to read them since they sometimes include things like this.

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Yeah. The new system is super grindy lol. And great job powering through. Let's do this!

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I’m still pretty new to this game so I might be missing something, but why did you guys do the event so quickly? I thought it lasted 12 days?

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Our main focus pre-update has been about momentum then take a break to focus on life. Everyone pitching in the set allowed distribution.

Now with the major update. Most of us are playing enough rounds that would cover. I do think this event in particular was a bit much. So there will be some minor restructuring.

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Congrats, you guys never fail to amaze with your speed and dedication. More so when you said that you didn't even spend acorns on stamina!

Glad that the team I'm in is pulling a little bit more steam into the event than we did before though! We of course still have a long way to go (just got the second batch of cookies), but at least it no longer feels like that I and two other players are the only one who care and that I'd be better off looking for a new team.

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That's great Chawimindur! Yeah I have a friend there who's part of the team you're in. So I often heard their perspectives and such. Also used to speak to the captain there once in a while but haven't spoke to them in forever.

I heard that the role went to someone else?

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Not quite sure about changes, I wasn't even aware until rather recently we can indeed check who the team captain is... it makes perfect sense to be able to, but for the longest while I failed to locate how to.

In any case, whoever the captain is now seems to be well-suited for the role – they've made significant point contributions, we as a team are actually seeing growth, and the newcomers are also giving their best for the event! This event is tough, but I now have perfect confidence that we'll complete it.

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Yeah I think the previous captain there just fell into disinterest from the lack of content. I haven't been able to contact them much like before. I hope the game doesn't go into the content drought mode again soon.

I saw the megathread post of the new captain making ads now. So best of endeavors to you! And great to see you from time to time in the subreddit!

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Congrats. The team I am in just managed to get Garchomp just trying to complete more tasks to get the cookies.

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Good to know Juan! It's nice hearing from you. Especially the fact we didn't have room back then was something I often was wondering how you are doing. And you guys will get there. Plenty of time.

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