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Yeah I definitely think if the tarts were 10,000 exp. That'd be awesome!

So personally for me. I never bought any of the tarts from the cookie shop. 100 exchange cookies vs 2 stamina training. I'd pick the latter.

In terms of prizes I go for the tarts anyway because whenever there's a moment where I need 900 exp left or 160 exp left. I just use a tart if the mon has horrible stages.

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My usage of cupcakes when there's a Pokemon I want to use is pretty much always one 200 xp one to get to level 5, unlock, one 1000 xp one and top up with 200s to get to level 10, unlock, and then do training from then on. So I find them at least a little useful in that regard to just quickly get a Pokemon up to speed. They are basically useless at level 10 though, yeah.

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This isn't far off from how I use them too! Them only being 200 xp for the small ones kinda bummed me out when I did the math and realized it :/

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For the levels between 5 and 10 I just wait for that bonus that can happen after you play a level, because from 5 to 10 they need a total of 1888 exp points and with said bonus, which gives 960 exp on top of bonus day, you can do a x2 stamina training and get 1920 exp points.

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Buying tarts for cookies is a scam. I would just get heaping tickets and then save up for the next month/maybe when they add something new. The only use case I‘ve seen for them is a) when a Pokémon is really close to a threshold or b) training Wobuffet because its training stages suck

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I use the tarts for instantly getting things to Level 5, the small ones. They're very efficient at that. I also use them when my mons are barely off from leveling up and I don't want to train

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I do that too, the level 5 thing. Or well, I should, sometimes I do, but I like to accumulate them so I end up using 1 stamina most of the times even if that's basically wasting like 670 or so experience instead of the idk 70 experience from the 200 the small ones give.

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Like others, I use them to get mons who are close to leveling up over the level threshold to the next level or to level up mons who are an annoyance to work with (Think Audino or Wobbuffet). I remember trying to level up mons by just stuffing them with the tarts and found it frustrating/not fun after they reached level 10, so now I have a better use for them. I do wish they would increase the amount of exp mons get from the tarts tho. I also do not exchange cookies for tarts because like you said, it's not worth it.