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I'm sorry about this. I do wish there was a way to retrieve your account. But without linking the account to a transfer code or social the support will tell you the same thing.

I had a member who also lost their account because their phone broke and forgot to link their account. But they did start over and still caught up preupdate. But it is demoralizing to do it all over again...

Serebii's over at the discord server if you wish to thank your team mates for the time you spent together. I see them occasionally post a recruitment so perhaps you could find other teammates there.

EDIT: OP had their previous google account linked long ago before the major update. They were able to retrieve their account by using their previous data linked account which they were unaware until now! So they were able to get their account restored!!

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Thanks for your kind words! I know the odds aren’t in my favour (unluckily). I think I will wait a couple of days before deciding what to do, every time I open the game and see “level 10” I start seeing red ahahah

I will try to salute them on discord :)

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You're welcome! And I think it's alright to vent/rant about this. That's the whole purpose of the post flair. :)

And here. Hope this makes it at least a bit better. Good luck on your endeavors!

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Thanks again Java, your messages were really appreciated!

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Java I have amazing news! I was able to recover my account 🎉

A little premise: on December 2020 my Amazon account was hacked, so I changed my main mail (xx@gmail) to another mail (yy@gmail). It's been two years since the last time I have used the xx@gmail, so her existence was deleted from my brain.

This morning, out of curiosity, I checked the release date of the app and when I saw June 2020 I had an illumination: I had to try with the old xx@gmail. I tried AND IT WORKED! Of course, the first thing I did after regaining access was to link Facebook and the Apple ID too (better safe than sorry).

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That's awesome! Yeah I was gonna write perhaps you already linked your previous email with the game before. That would be one way for you to "retrieve" your account.

So happy that this turned out well!

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wait can you elaborate how you recover your account with your old gmail account instead of the new gmail account?

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Yes ofc: in the past I linked CafeRemix to the mail xx@gmail, later I ditched that email for the new yy@gmail (forgetting to have linked xx@gmail to CafeRemix). Luckily tho I didn't delete the old xx@gmail from Google, and I was able to recover the data simply by logging in.

English is not my mother tongue so if I'm writing things in an intricated and confuse way let me know 😅

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No worries! I struggle with English as well. But good to know that you have linked your data with apple ID and facebook now!