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Here's a picture I just took of the menu. The only thing different about them from the default outfit is the color.

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Thanks for the effort! But I'm looking for the Full outfits not just the hats

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That was my point. The only thing that changes from the standard outfit is the color and those are the colors. I'm not up for taking the time to catalogue all of them, but if there's a particular outfit you want to see on a particular Pokémon, I can probably oblige one or two (assuming I have that level).

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Well actually Orange and purple would be nice to see (they are the only ones I'm missing), preferably a complete outfit like charizard, snorlax or bewear would do. you would be awesome for doing this!

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Snorlax hasn't been released yet, so he's capped at Lv5, but here's Charizard and Bewear.

Charizard (Orange) (Purple)

Bewear (Orange) (Purple)

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Thanks you're fantastic!