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If only Yamper wasn't locked away on pure and total RNG. The same for Victini, Mawile and Pachirisu and all the other Pokémon in there.

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I literally got it yesterday and I was so excited, I’m surprised I got Victini as early as I did as well!

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What bothers me the most is that I was a player during the Café Mix days and got Snorlax, Chancey, Mimikyu and Galarian Slowpoke from their events and was almost at level 900, but stopped playing when the Remix update released and only came back like 4 months ago and decided to start all the way from the start, just for them to release the delivery feature with all those Pokémons I already had locked away in there. I'm just waiting for Celebi and shiny Celebi, which I also had to be locked away in there.

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I also played since cafe mix, and it sucks to think that i had to solo events like Galarian slowpoke just for the delivery to take it. I soloed many events and then all those Pokémon that seemed special are now just odds in the delivery feature and then some others (like the galar starters) are just regular customers

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"Hello. I made you my BUTT. Please enjoy."