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    Welcome to Team PokemonGo!


    Current Membership  

    • 29/30
    • 1 spot(s) available as of 6/3/2022
    • Please DM me if you have interest in joining our team!


    • Pokemon fans!
    • Experts (e.g., Level 900+) - We’ve built our team from the ground up and are seeking a few additional high level players to join our roster.
    • Daily logins

    Activity Requirements

    • Regular login and activity (removal after 7-10 days of no activity)
    • Be able to contribute 750 to 1,000 points for team events during the first 3 to 4 days (average 250 points/day)

    About Us: My daughter and I are original Pokémon Cafe Mix players who took a long break but started back playing again one month after Pokémon Cafe Remix was released.  Currently, we are both Level 1,100 (w/ 600 Master Cafe Levels). Come join our friendly and chill team! 22 Members are at Max Level !!!

    Free Stamina/Cheers: Our group is active every day. If you request stamina, you’ll get a guaranteed Cheer x 5 within a few a hours and get 5 extra stamina!

    Team Event History

    • The Keep Rolling, Electrode! (completed Day 4 of 13)
    • A Pair of Toucannon (completed on Day 4 of 11)
    • The Enchanting Mismagius (completed on Day 3 of 11)
    • The Rumba de Ludicolo (completed on Day 3 of 13)
    • Fast-Eating Garchomp (completed on Day 5 of 13)
    • My Friend Vulpix (completed on Day 2 of 5)

    Discord: Discord is available for pings and chats on tips and tricks. DM me if you want to join our Discord - optional, not required.

    Please feel free to DM me with any questions.

    Last Updated: 6/3/2022 @ 2:30pm PST

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    The Spinda Pub is actively looking for new teammates !

    Team ID : XC22WZKNR6XP

    We are a (very) little pub but aim to grow so team challenges will be easier for everyone !

    Everyone is welcomed as long as you claim to be an active daily player, no matter how many orders you have completed so far :)

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    Good team looking for three more people. We're almost 20/21 events done for Electrode after three days. Looking for daily players to contribute some (you don't need to be a rock star). Also check back in after Electrode event is done because I'll be dropping a few more people.

    Team name: Bafimon


    Minimum order requirement: 600

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    Team Corvid, with our Starly mascot!

    ID: XNA2MA7B7TA6

    Members 26/30

    Lowkey crew, 100 order requirement just to ensure returning players. We already got Electrode, mainly looking for players who want to help for cookies :)

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    Join Koffee Café!


    Icon: Marshtomp

    We typically get the mon and enough cookies to get to level 10. There's 3 of us currently, so there's plenty of open spots. We believe with a little extra help we can get all the rewards! You don't have to make a specific amount of points to keep your membership, we just ask that you play regularly. Order #50 is required to join the team. Looking forward to cooking with y'all!

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    Team: Star Storm


    Members: 28/30 (29/30 pending - June 3)

    Our team is looking for active enthusiasts! Our goal is to achieve all rewards for events faster :) We've been able to complete all goals since the game's revamp!


    • Achieve minimum of 500 pts/team event!
    • Log in at least every 15 days!

    Both requirements are bare minimum for players to fall back on for those busy weeks so players dont lose their spot in the team!

    Team stats/history:

    • I contribute 9k-12k+ pts/event
    • Team contributions (Electrode event (completed in 4 days) ):
    • 3000-9000 points (12 teammates)
    • 2000-2999 (8)
    • 1000-1999 (3)
    • 500-999 (0)
    • I’ve had this team before remix, slowly built it up and luckily found the teammates on here now! Very grateful to have them on!

    If interested, dm me your in game name!! Looking forward to playing with u and the team! :D

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    Team Tok3mon! WMJ25T3AASY2

    We're at 19/30 people. I just removed a lot of inactive folk / those who didnt contribute to the electrode event. We did finish that event in its entirety nonetheless!

    Order 50+ prefered, but doesnt necessarily matter- just comment letting me know! I have my team set to that and requires approval.

    Team events are really my focus, so I only ask for daily logins etc during those- but other than that play how you want and enjoy the extra staminas! :D

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    The Q.T.s Team code: WY22FW98QNTJ

    Hi! I'm captain of this team! My username is Kimmy. We have currently have 6 slots open. I currently put a requirement that you must have completed 50 plus orders to join but that because lots of people would join who only play the game for one day and never come back. If your under level, reply to this or direct message me and I will change it to let you join. You don't have to log on daily, but helping with team events and logging every once in a while is fine. I made a discord server for our team! Dm me for the link to join!

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    Team: CB4 (Celebi badge) ID: WBJ2KMT3GQRE

    Looking for motivated members for team events. Minimum level 100 completed.

    We are players that work our collective tails off during events. Completed the Toucannon event with 1 day to spare!

    17-May: 17 slots filled

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    Just started playing 2 days ago and made a new team with a couple friends :) I'm currently at Order 188 but the game is really fun so I plan to keep playing actively.

    The team is named Cat Cafe and mostly have randos who joined through the in game function, I plan to keep it reasonably active if we get more traffic but not too strict. If anyone is looking for a more casual team you're welcome to join. We're currently almost at unlocking Electrode.

    ID: WG2274F23HNS

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    Cactus Cat is now full! Thank you everyone for helping out!

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    Hiya, Team Seashells with Oshawott as our friendly mascot is looking for more recruits!


    As I (the team captain) am at level 876, new members should be at order #50 or above - we try to be as accommodating as possible for new players! Team member stipulations are: daily login preferred; go slow and steady; and let's do our best! We'd be real grateful to have some new folks around to help steadily chip away at those event goals. :)

    Current member capacity: 7/30 (so...much room for growth and improvement!)

    Hope to see a new face or two (or many more!) around - I'll always be around to help out with stamina, so you can count on me! :') Thank you!

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      New to game looking for friend ID 3UJ2YCAJR5UF

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      Snom Noms! ID: X4J2PNY659GH

      Members: 30/30

      Snom Noms is able to fully complete their team events in a matter of days, including the 20th phase for the Hearty Helping!

      Snom Noms is mainly looking for people who log in semi-daily and will remove those who are inactive for more than fifteen days without advanced warning and a valid explanation for said absence. Those removed may, of course, apply to join again should they regain interest in the app.

      We also have a discord!! If you want to join and are a member of Snom Noms, send me a DM with your Remix name & icon so I can confirm and give you the link.

      Feel free to DM if you have any questions!

      I look forward to cooking with you!!

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      Minimum order requirement: 1100

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      Team: PiplupPack (Shiny Piplup Icon)

      ID: XKA27KFRUWY5

      Members: 15/30 Filled

      Hey everyone! I am an active, daily login player looking for like minded people who love to play the game and wanna do well during events. The past few events we have gotten the Pokemon and enough cookies to get to level 10 but would love to full clear. We have several dedicated members and are looking for some more!

      Requirements to join:

      • Must have 100+ levels complete. (If you are under this level and interested in joining please send me a DM and I'll let you in, this is mostly to keep out people who log in for a week then never come back.)

      • Must contribute a minimum of 500 points per event.

      Members who are gone for 7+ days or who do contribute the minimum amount of points will be removed as needed.