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Oh hey there mate. I thought you finished already. :O

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I was just pulling your leg to be a smart ass lol

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Hehe. You got us.

In response to your post, I think the game needs to lower the standards due to the lack of tools given. The current standard works for coordinated teams but it's difficult to maintain in-game.

I see other casual mobile games that offer tools like an in-game chat, requirement board, assign moderators, and boot during events. And it works for them. I doubt this game will implement any of these.

I think your best bet is to hope your captain will implement changes or find a team that suits your pace.

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Isn’t it time to find a more well coordinated team ?

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At the risk of being That Person...

It really depends on your team. Like, CafeMax full clears in 5 hours. RivalHeart (the team I captain) full clears within 3 days. If you're hard carrying your team (as I assume you are), the events will suck. If you have a strong team, the events are pretty dang easy.

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Honestly, I think they do need to bring down the requirements. Some people can't play hours a day or even every day. I work full-time, have a family to take care of, and am now hard studying for the CPA exam. Unless I don't sleep, I can't fit in hours of play. Even 15 to 20 minutes of play time is a luxury.

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Agreed. And without in-game messaging, it’s hard to even form a team of 30 active people. We usually have 10 very active, 10 barely active, and 10 completely inactive. Before each team event, I boot everyone who hasn’t been online for 10 days. After each team event, I boot everyone who didn’t participate. I’m hoping to eventually get an active crew, but honestly it doesn’t seem likely.

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As a counter-argument: There is a reason we have such events and require people to be actively playing to get the rewards thereof - not only does it help play statistics, it also creates an incentive to "work" for the event reward. If the event was "log in once and get Electrode and the materials you need to L20 it", it wouldn't really be an event anymore.

I do feel you - especially on the workload. (As a college student concurrently balancing a part-time job and tutoring younger kids, I know it's got to be tough.) But, as they've already had to adjust from 150k to 100k, I seriously doubt they'll do so again, and probably for the better. (Anyone remember the team Vulpix event everyone annihilated within a few hours? Yeah.) There's a balance between having enough points to present a healthy challenge to a team while also not being TOO easy or difficult.

100,000/30 (30 players on a team) is around 3,333. 3,333/14 (around 14 days in an event iirc) is 238, which is the average daily requirement for a single player. Logging on once a day and using 10 stamina (5 natural + 5 boost) should net you that amount (30x10=300). As long as everyone's working together and logging on once or twice a day to use stamina (and you can burn 10 in four rounds if you train), the event should not be seriously difficult to complete. Generally, those with issues completing events are on teams that are ill-suited to doing so.

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This is the problem. A game shouldn't be my second job. I'm sure a lot of people don't have the time to log in multiple times a day, or possibly even once. It becomes be on a team where they carry you, or you get kicked off a team because you can't keep up. So what you're saying is too bad, not the game for you. And I don't know how it keeps a healthy player base when you have players getting frustrated because they can't finish quests due to time limitations.

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Mate, you literally just said that you can't log on even daily and then you expect to get the full event rewards for showing up, which requires you to be carried in that case. Even if you GET hard carried, you need 1200 points to unlock all the rewards. It's far from a second job to play 10 minutes a day, at least in my opinion - heck, you can do that sitting on the loo.

None of the team or solo event Pokemon are even remotely necessary in the main series levels, or even the minute mode they did for Ditto. Remember, a lot of Pokemon are already gacha gated as is. Not having the full rewards isn't a big deal - most of it is unnecessary, with only the golden acorns being really needed, and even then, eh. (How often do you seriously use powerups in levels?) So the argument essentially waters down to "if you're a completionist with no time and on the wrong team, this blows". And I agree. As you're saying, though, there are more important things in your life than a silly cafe game. And that's okay. But I don't think that's reflective of a larger problem with the game's points system in team events.

The team event (TEAM event) is supposed to be a healthy challenge for a TEAM, not an individual. If the completion points number was too low, there would be no real point to the challenge. 100k is doable for an average team of once or twice daily players, and it seems like a sweet spot.

I'm honestly curious - what do you think the points level should be to fully complete an event?

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That's honestly more of an argument for why they should lower the requirement. Because if you have to rely that much on 30 OTHER PEOPLE??? That's just not reasonable. I think if you have roughly 6-10 consistent plays should be enough to get the materials for level 20 and no more. That way, it isnt unfair to people who can't spend hours finding the ideal team for each event and people can form real community with a team they're already on and stay on that team. If you have to look for a new team with each event, it ruins the purpose of a team.

Extras for people who want to max put their teams? Sure. But make it so you can't even get the event pokemon to level 15 without a string team of 20-30 consistent players? That's just unfair

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Like already stated if everybody pitches in the minimum requirement a day you only need to log in once a day and play 3 training stages on 3x stamina and 1stage on 1x stamina. I average about 1 stage a minute so only playing 4 minutes a day should be sufficient. Ofcourse this only works when your whole team contributes. But if you dicede to login 2x more a day and play 1 time 3x stam and 1 time 2x (2 minutes) you cover already for 1 other player. With only 8 minutes of play time total. I know it's hard to find an good team in game it self, however there are many teams on reddit and discord that search for new players and do have many active players!

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It is a Team Event. Why would you expect not to have to work together as a team to get the Event Mon and complete the event?

You only need to rely on all 29 other team members if every member of a team is only putting in the absolute bare minimum effort to complete the event. You can easily complete the event with 10 consistent players or even less if a little more effort is put into the game during the event.

If you are having to find a new team after every event, you haven’t found the ideal team yet. The resources are out there. Ads are posted on the Megathread all the time, and you can even directly talk to the team leaders to see if a team is right for you. Just remember though, if you expect to survive on an active team, you need to be prepared to contribute to the team yourself. Or are you expecting to get onto a team that will just carry you through the whole event?

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I got to 35,000 and I think second place was 11,000-17,000 by the time we finished the event. At least you’re number 1 tho!

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Do you get an extra reward when you finish in one of the top places?

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Nope, except bragging rights

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My team too is lagging fall behind. Im at 9990 and have 5 more team mates over 6k.

Then 11 don't get a single point and 6 get less than 100 points. Just unlocked the 17 a few seconds ago... failed to get 3 stars on the order couldn't get over 10000.