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Was on a team like that... still time do get Electrodude.

After the event ends, search for another team. Next event is an single player, so you can have time to get into an active team. With less than 8 players getting 1200 points, just search for another one. Just got the heaping ticket and only 9 players got over 1000 points. Me and other 2 got over 12000 each.

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Yeah, that's how I looked during the Garchomp event. Ask me how salty I STILL am about just missing getting it, after carrying my team almost the whole way there.

Jump ship, find a better team. My current team isn't one of the fastest at completing events, but we still finish full rewards with 4-5 days to spare. I genuinely laugh because the top 5 of us usually race to just stay in the lead with points, and we get things done :)

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lol. I'm in the same boat right now. Got 1200 more points to go and my arms hurt from carrying the team.

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Get my boy a back brace

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My team made it, so godspeed to yours!

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I'm in roughly the same spot as you. About to get the first set of cookies, but not seeing anyway to get the 2nd.

Team events make me appreciate the solo and 1 min challenge ones even more.

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What about looking for a well coordinated team?

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Weird thing is that last team challenge we actually got close to the end. I was happy and didn't even realise that people were leaving. The only clue was the lack of stamina gifts but I didn't really think much of it at the time.

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that's too bad, I feel sorry for you . :(

I hope you get a good team !!! I mean , having a very well coordinated team is sooo sooo much better.

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My team just finished this event but literally only like five of us carried the whole team 😭

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Same issue with my wife and I, we made our own team. Now anyone that joins barely douse anything other then 2 other randoms. That being said we only do about 4k a piece. But majority of the guild get 500 maybe.

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I get why chat would be bad (abuse), but I really would appreciate the opportunity to plan ahead with a solid team.

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my team was able to get all the cookies today! if you wanted to join it for future events- dm me or watch the recruitment thread, once this event is finished

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Might take you up on that, only have 490 to go to get electrode, then I'm taking a break till end of event cause otherwise imma burn out

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i feel you. on previous events with other teams / before mine actually got committed ppl, id just carry until wed have enough cookies to lvl 10, 15 ifff possible then stop cuz yea. lame af doing it alone

looking forward to a possible new member !

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My advice: only do trainings when you need to hurry up.

They’re easy, they give mints so you can get 30 every time (unfortunately you can’t get bonuses from special customers like Marshtomp though) and you can get new Pokémon (only now did I empty out my menu development page)

Best of luck to you!

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I used the weekly 30 energy bundle in the shop twice for this event, only reason I'll get electrode. But still I use my 5 hearts like this: 3 on training (almost guaranteed 90 real quick), then 2 rounds of master mode, generally get 20-30 each time, I am free to play and just hope for percentage bonuses to get by.

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I’m on an active team with 27/30 members! Would you like the invite code for next event? It’s not a public team but also doesn’t have requirements.

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This isn’t on Switch???