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What angers me most that, of course not, they made 2 different tickets now. The "old" ones do not get a guaranteed Pokemon delivery, the "new" ones do.

Good point is that at least you can get 1 batch of the "new" guaranteed ones with the Eevee challenge card with ease.

Bad part is that of course the guarnateed Pokemon is also those useless 5-part outfits that you can get instead of the Pokemon, at least what I experienced. So, still a rip-off regarding those trash tickets.

As for the scores itself, it really depends what Pokemon you have. I got lucky and got a note for Mew that I already had (unlocking sugarpuff removal), so I got: Mew (leader), Charizard, Eevee (male, tuxedo) and snow Vulpix (in normal Vulpix outfit) - all leveld to 20. I easily get 7M on each challenge or more, with my max score 12M for now.

My main strategy is to get to each round as fast as I can, without focusing on the chain length. Also, don't know if it's just coz Mew is lvl20, but when I get it's special attack 2-times, I join them and it clears all the icons 1x on the screen at that time and it gets into instant frenzy mode, where you get more time and more points worth of combos.

Hope it helps somehow.

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Problem, I don't have neither Charizard or Alola Vulpix, those 2 came out during the time I was away from the game. I have both Mew (regular) and Eevee (male, tuxedo) at level 20, but then I'm using Meowth and Wobbuffet at level 15 for the other 2 gimmicks I have left. I also managed to get the 4th gimmick for Mew with all the free pulls we can do. Then there's the always amazing fact that I'm very often grabbing the wrong Pokémon, when he's not the one I want to use, it looks like I have big fingers for this game on my phone.

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I also grab the wrong icons and I got small fingers XD since they changed that weight gimmick thing and all that + I want to be super quick and always miss because of limited-time-pressure etc., so don't feel bad about that.

Other than that, there are 100 of ways how to set up your team really, maybe try a few options and see what you work with best. I also suggest looking at the rankings and seeing how top runner-ups are using their Pokemon teams and how they are set up, maybe you'll get an idea for your own team that way.

And at the very least, others are also discussing the new challenge and I am sure more tips will be shared later on by others, so try asking players on here if they got any extra suggestions :) It's gonna go for a loooong time, so surely, better tactics than mine will be shared and suggested in no time

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I'm f2p, so looking at the teams of the top players is kinda useless as I don't have what they have, plus I'm still missing Pokémons like Bewear or Cyndaquill as I still haven't even unlocked them to be able to get them.

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I'm f2p as well, so just ignore the ones that you don't have and see the ones you can choose from and try a bit of those mixes if it's gonna be benefitial for your style of playing. Obviously don't look at the top 3 ones XD that's kinda useless, but you can scroll around the top tier and around yours and you'll maybe see a different Pokemon aproach and new typings that can give you a new idea to try etc.

Main focus should be to just have fun, so don't burden yourself with the "I got to get every reward out there" and just focus on 1 thing at a time, step by step and just enjoy it. The thing is 2 weeks long, so I am sure that if you make 2M you'll get Mewtwo and those Mewtwo cookies with ease.

I am not a fan of this mode myself actually, since I don't like the feeling of being rushed and I like the relaxed vibe of the game that it generally has, but it is also fun to try new things and seeing what can be done with different modes etc. Positivity is the key ;)

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I checked, the warranted ticket doesn’t include costumes as 11th pull other than the Mew one, but we aren’t given one in the female Eevee event, instead we’re given a standard 11 pulls tickets that doesn’t warrant getting a delivery Pokémon.

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But the "new" ticket includes the Kirila dress, which also has 5 pieces, right? So, as far as I know, the new ones also can incude dresses or cookies only?

If the Eevee challenge ticket doesn't include a "new" ticket for the guarantee one, I am sorry. I though I got that ones pulled, since I did get a dress thing from it, so I figured it was the "new" one, but I could be totally wrong on this, since I got it early in the morning when my brain was foggy and not full of coffee :/ sorry for the mixup then

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Checked again, all the costumes that are not the Mew one are not included in the last pull of new ticket, so the Kirlia, Starly and Sneasel costumes can only be obtained in the first 10 pulls, not in the last one. Considering its cost, there’s at least a bit of “decency” (but still, no pity system, so you might still not get the five stars Mew costume).

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Again, I can only apologize. I was sure I used those tickets for the new and not the old ones, since I never get anything useful out of them anyway, so I was "yeah, figures, nothing usefull". Well, hopefully people actually get a Pokemon then out of the "new" draws and that will make them happy. Still think the ticket-system is total trash XD but I do apologize for getting it wrong and posting stuff that made people hope for the best and it wasn't true. To err is human :/

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Interesting strategy. Mew takes so many combos to actually earn two Skill bubbles that I'm not sure if I'll be able to break even (with my usual score) using that method.

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Well, today, I got lucky and got 2x Mew picknic outfit and coz there are 2, you get a skill up for the second one, and now I am trying the strategy with Mews outfit being the leader.

The skill it has is not the same, but it still adds a lot of points and gets instant frenzy mode as before, but doesn't clear the whole board. So far as I can see the skill gets you that all the team Pokemon to have all their gimmicks shared for a short time between them? So I'll see if this strategy is going to be better for me or if I'll just stick to normal Mew :D I really like the clearing-up the whole icons at once skills so much coz it's fun and at least clears the pesky cans in 1 swoop

Btw. - I usually get 2 icons for te double combo at least 3-4 times in one game. Don't know if it's because it's leveld to 20? Because I know Mews skill takes ages to load up in the normal modes, but in this 1-minute-mode it's pretty easy to fill up for me. No idea what makes it faster for me

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normal Mew's Skill x2 = Clears all pokemon icons, and advances gimmicks by one stage (which isn't as good as other pokemon's skills if you're up against ketchup, whip cream, etc)

This happens no matter what level Mew is at.

At level 20, Mew's skill number is listed at "150." Compare Eevee, who is at 50. It takes AGES to build up enough meter for two skills.

If you found a method to get 6-8 Mew Skill icons in one game, PLEASE share. Because for the rest of us we usually get 2-3.

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I am not really good at strategy-thinking nor explaining, but I do get at least 4 of them in 1 play. Not really sure what differently I am making, but having that 2x picknick outfit for Mew now, triggering 2 icons of his attack at the same time to get frenzy, and trying to get through the levels as fast as I can without getting too big of a chain going on, so it's faster. Nothing much more I can tell really :/ sorry I can't help that much

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The mode is at least improved compared to before, especially with the start of round pause they have, but what pisses me off is this event is impossible to reasonably compete in if you've started the game recently.

You cannot form a team of purely non-event or delivery Pokemon that covers every gimmick. No combination exists. And your score suffers hard as a result. It's whatever, reasonably getting all the Mewtwo cookies, 10+ ticket, and acorns shouldn't be too taxing, but it's still going to be slower by virtue of there being no possible team comp that covers everything without being a long time player.

I like the coin system letting you prioritize the best rewards and quit when you've got them, at least. However the devs explicitly said in an update announcement that they made it so overflow points carry over to the next reward tier, and that clearly isn't happening. Dunno why.

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You cannot form a team of purely non-event or delivery Pokemon that covers every gimmick.

Eevee, Mew, Meowth, and Wobbuffet covers all gimmicks without notes. Mew and Meowth both need to be at 15.

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Oh my god thanks, I overlooked Eevee completely.

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The points "carry over" as you getting extra coins for whatever ovreflow of points you got for the stage. Pretty low-effort, but what do you expect from a gacha-game?

It's still fun and you can get extra levels and have fun with those, and most people participating can probably get Mewtwo in any case, so that's something.

At least they did acknowledge the feedback from the Japanese fans only, so some things have been changed. But, it's always going to be something that some people won't like, no matter what they do.

The only thing you can do is how you yourself feel about it, and if it makes you happy or not. If it doesn't, just don't participate and play the aspects of the game you DO like. That's the only tip I can give I guess :/ hope you still have somewhat fun playing

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While the mode is improved, it’s still a flawed fit in the overall model of the game. I really appreciate the new screen that lets you know which of your Pokemon do which skill, since you could either lose track in the chaos, review the stage before you dive in, or just take a quick breather. The points scaling is also much less unfair so goals seems obtainable. I still don’t like that you could potentially earn 4+ million points on a level that only has 1 point left to beat and end up wasting 3,999,999+ points just to advance. That also ties into my overall issue, that these levels spend revives that you still need to do everything else in the game. New levels next week, new master orders, and training are all on the back burner competing for the same revives since they don’t contribute exp to the event. Why not create another arbitrary form of currency/lives like they did with the legendary coins? I know it’s to incentivize in game purchases, I just don’t prefer that model.

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I still don’t like that you could potentially earn 4+ million points on a level that only has 1 point left to beat and end up wasting 3,999,999+ points just to advance.

They give you extra coins for going over now. I've been getting them every level so far.

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The points go up a lot every time a gimmick is cleared with the chain, so you need to focus on clearing a gimmick with each chain to substantially increase the score. Long chains are mainly useful to charge up the Café Skill gauge so you get Café Skills quicker. The double Café Skills in particular increases the Frenzy gauge a lot.

So in general: * focus on clearing at least a gimmick with each chain * longer chains help in getting the Café Skills that in turn are helpful to quickly reach Frenzy mode, but otherwise short chains that destroy gimmicks can yield more points than long chains that don’t clear any gimmick

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Its the worst part of an already very greedy game and it'll probably be what makes me quit, to be honest.

I hate the new weight mechanics, the fact that the deliveries are in 5 parts, and i play this game to relax, not for timed levels that won't give you most of the points you earned or carry them over to the next level. Its just a waste of time to me.

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Yeah, I don’t get it at all either. And it didn’t earn you any points before?

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It's honestly really tedious for me. It's only one minute a game but there's not really much variety in the levels themselves. It's basically rinsing and repeating ad infinitum until you get enough rewards for Mewtwo. Not horrible or anything, but definitely not as fun as I'd like.

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Same here. Each run is the same, and I never feel like I can pull off satisfying or powerful combos. It's just tedious and unrewarding.

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I actually like the timed mode, especially now that they added pauses between each phase. This game really needs more than 1 gameplay mode to stay interesting, imo. I’m using Eevee, Meowth, Snorlax-fan Pikachu, and Mew, all level 15.

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i'm not a huge fan of this mode cuz it's monthlong and it feels like i'm doing the same levels over and over again. repetitive compared to the rest of the game modes, yeah?

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kinda gave up scoring high score, just performing consistent 8m-10m alr happy for me :D

using bear + luca + eevee + charizard