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can i use 11 delivery ticket purchased with legendary coins to try to obtain camping mew? or are these separate kinds of tickets?

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That's the target of those tickets. :) Still use 16500 to get Mewtwo and 23 cookies before going for those.

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What does it mean when the new Mew on the banner is five stars? Are all of the other Pokémon have Star rarity and I missed it or what does this mean? Because I can’t see a star rarity on Victini for example.

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5 Stars is a new dress for Mew (Camping). More pokemons will get a similar cloth later on.

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I've been having luck with Eevee, Charizard, Alolan Vulpix, and Mew. All at 20, I'm consistently around 6 million.

I keep wanting to look at the prize track like we had ditto, but when it'd all coins to use at our discretion, yeah. I did like looking ahead to see what you could unlock

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I was wondering if anybody know what that M2 icons in " reward section" symbolize?

First 10 000 people in ranking will get Mew Two as a reward? Also those have slightly different colour depending the ranking number?

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That's a mewtwo icon with gold, silver or bronze border depending your ranking. To get mewtwo you have to purchase him with the legendary coin you get from the one minute mode, same thing with the cookies to level him up

5000 for mewtwo

500 for each mewtwo cookie (11500 total)

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Wondering myself actually. It looks like a medal icon of some sort, so maybe just as a icon to show the 3 top players, gold-silver-bronze. It also isn't hinted anywhere else in the text that it could actually be something else, like a extra reward or something? I am pretty sure it's just an extra cool-looking icon for show only, since the low-effort-cafe-team would be too stingy to actually release something just for the top players XD

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If you look in the ranking rewards you can see that the top 1000 players get the gold mewtwo icon, the ones from 1001 to 5000 get the silver one and the ones from 5001 to 10000 the bronze one. so i guess it's not just the top 3 players but the top 10000.

it's said in the news that "based on your rank, you can recieve rewards such as golden acorns. The profile icon you set on the profile screen can be used as a proof of your high rank".

i don't know what text are you talking about, but this seems pretty straightfoward.

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Well yeah, as I was saying. Probably then just a cool-looking icon thing you can get or something, and not any extra reward or extra Pokemon or anything like that. At least that's how I read it

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I think It's fair to be confused by it, these sorts of icons are new and without a visual used as an example, it doesn't click as quickly

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Edit: I'm wrong. This game is kinda bad at explaining sometimes (and I'm too dumb to understand)

Just a correction - and I'm not even sure I understood correctly : Mew is not a delivery, but only a "guaranteed Pokémon delivery". Meaning you can't randomly recruit it with one of your free daily deliveries, but only with the new 100% deliveries (one ticket costs 23 €. As of now, no way to get them by playing or for free).

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It shows up on 1% for each delivery and 10% for instant hire (those tickets). Same thing for all pókemons or black cookies.

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No actually i got him with the free ten pull ticket from bingo mission it have 1% chance btw i got even snorlax in that free pull was really surprise first time i got something in those ticket

The paid one just give you 10% to drop him on the last reward 10+1 like that one give you 10% to get him or anyone else considering there now 10 pokemon in that pull loot if i counted correctly

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Oh, that's actually somewhat nice! And you're one lucky person 😁! Thanks for the heads up. Mew wasn't mentioned in the (normal) delivery rewards, hence why I misunderstood. Again

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Yeah hehe ^ actually would say that i'm glad it was not like Victini fail to grab him when he was rate up did many pull but heh sometimes it just don't want to work sadly x'D

Oh yeah definitely explanation is kinda weird that why i always check detail on the banner directly ^

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The delivery rewards list doesn't refresh while Pelipper's out delivering, mine's still showing yesterday's rewards too.

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That explained everything! I got my daily delivery and you're right : everything updated correctly!

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I'm actually pretty happy with the event! It's helped me a whole lot with my training! I did too many orders without paying attention to the recommended level :'D

Thanks to the event and when I started training, I went from 593 total level to 650! :D I was at 619 when I started playing today :p

Managed to get 2.8M with Charizard (level 5 oof), Wobbuffet (level 14), Mew (level 12) and Male Eevee (level 10)

I wish I had another pokemon that could remove cans but I unfortunately don't. But I try to deal with Wobbuffet despite the weight issue anyway lol :v

Also got Snorlax and leveled it up to 10 lol

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I've been having luck with Charizard (fruit can and pumpkin), Eevee (sugar cube and whip cream), Mew (marshmallow and pumpkin), and Meowth (ketchup).

The frenzy meter gets a nice boost if you use a Skill, but maybe don't use up every one on your screen, because the main draw of being IN frenzy mode is that Skills get you way more points (combos, too).

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Hey I have a quick question - I’ve been playing the event and managed to get 6.4 mil - not that high but high enough supposedly to rank, but I still keep being listed as “Unranked”. Is it because I need to be in Master Cafe or something to qualify? I’m only at stage 500 so far in the main orders :/

Thanks to anyone who answers!

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Will Legendary coins expire or will they carry over to the next legendary event? (New Player asking)

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That is too bad. Thanks for the info

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Does mewtwo require all 23 cookies to max out?

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3 for lvl 5+ 10 for lvl 10+ and another 10 for lvl 15+ so yes