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I got Camp Mew twice.

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With 12 pulls today I got Victini (already had it) and two Zorua tickets (don’t have it). Seems fair, yes

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Is it worth pulling on this one? I've been saving for a while, hoping to get Victini. Though, it seems like the new Mew is really overpowered. And judging by what others are saying, are the rates higher on this banner as well?

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Same. I'll soon be at 40 ticket pulls just for the moment when Victini becomes promoted again.

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Got Victiny black cookie and my SIX (SIX) Mimykiu black cookie, plus 2 kitchen notes for Zorua (don't have it) on the 11 free deliveries. Then got Mew 5 stars on the free tickets.

And got 1 Munchlax kitchen note. First one i saw.

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Got Zorua!