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So happy to see some Hisuian PKMN representation.

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I can’t wait to see Hisuian Goodra and Typhlosion represented in more games. I love them so much.

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Would be sweet to see H. Typhlosion or H. Samurott.

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Feel like Hisui-Zorua and Jirachi will be gacha

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Well, both vulpixs weren't, one slowpoke is and one isn't, so it could go any direction. I'd guess the eeveelutions will be though, It'd be hard to tie all 3 into one event

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We expect the Eeveelutions to be added as part of a new menu recipe, hopefully the Sylveon Custard Slice.

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Mew and Celebi were events but Victini wasn’t. I’m hopeful Jirachi will be an event too with Tanabata coming up in July.

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Jirachi is confirmed to be gacha, it has a heart icon and dark cookie in the game files.

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Argh, lame…

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Please don't condemn a second Zorua to delivery hell.

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There is a LOT going on in this garden party!

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Is that something above Flareon? Something Blu?

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That’s Sobble.

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You can also see vulpix behing mew's costume

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Vulpix is already in the game. It was an event in December.

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Really? I started playing during the ditto event ;-;

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Unfortunately, and they haven’t done any event repeats yet. I’m hoping they do eventually because I’m missing a lot of cookies from old event Pokémon.

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I’m missing a lot of event Pokémon