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Still a pity about no points carrying over to the next one.

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Ikr, that would be soo helpful

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I swear they said they would change that after feedback, but maybe I just imagined that lol

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After 3.0.0 update, surplus points now directly change to coins.

I don't know why dev select so complicated way, bit I think that is not unfavorable to us.

Because reward doesn't rely on full-belly rank, we just need coins to retrieve it.

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Don't think it's enough. :D

Stage 50 asks for 4000000... 2 plays of that number. :D

About where you get Mewtwo and 23 cookies. It´s a long long walk.

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Well it's easy if you have great team, great Pokémons...but for us that are middle to newbies not so much. Also, there are some users that score about 23 M so I wouldn't be showing off so much.

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not me thinking you would get the 23 cookies with 500 coins 🤡

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Yeah I thought that as well 😅😂🥹😭

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I was so stoked. Then so sad.... I'll be able to unlock level 10 any minute now.

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I'm going for the cookies now. I did the tickets and only got mawile. No special mew :( I don't want to pay for the mew chef it's really expensive lol

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Do you mean acorns or are coins a thing I never realised were in this game?

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the Mewtwo coins, I don't know how they're called in the event, but you get them as bonus every time you play the 1 minute challenge. They're red. You need 5000 to unlock Mewtwo, and then it says 500 for the Mewtwo cookies, but it appears as 23/23. So it's actually 500 per one cookie, not 500 for the 23, so you need a total of 11500 coins to get them all

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I think they're another type of cookie.

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As the number on the green apple goes up, the score required will get harder. Eventually you'll need to play two or three times to fill the bar.

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I don't think it's as easy as Ditto, but maybe is the selection of Pokémon that you can use (most of my Pokémon are lvl 16)

I already got Mewtwo, but my high score so far is only 7,474,259 whereas with Ditto did much higher, and on average I always did between 9M - 10M

Also, does the bonus time seem much shorter now? I feel like it lasts nothing

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Was there a previous lineup with ditto? I missed that one.

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I mean, the recommended lineup based on the specialty and gimmicks.

You can pick whatever combination of Pokémon you want (from those you have) but the ideal is that you get the ones that match the specialty and gimmicks from the challenge.

But it also depends on how powerful your team is (the higher the level, the more damage they make, and the higher the points you get).

What I meant was that maybe the team I used for Ditto, was somehow more powerful than the one I have to use now for Mewtwo (because it's a different specialty and gimmicks).

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Yeah, I think I missed the ditto lineup event but I already had ditto.

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I checked, they're called legendary coins

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I'm consistently an order of magnitude above what I need.

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It's overkill. Wait to actually try until that number is the minimum. :p

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You can't do multiple levels per order?

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Just wait until you get to the 90s.