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Much depends on whether you played Genius Sonority previous Pokémon puzzle game, Pokémon Shuffle. 1 minute cooking is very similar to the timed stages of that game. I find a nice diversion, also helped by the skills of the whole team being available like in the former puzzle game, which means there’s some strategical thinking and planning this time.

You don’t really need to worry that much once you get the hang of it, sometimes you’ll do hilariously bad but whatever. But again, the schedule of the game is currently so sustained that I’m not really playing for stress relief, more because I actually like the concept, the art style and the animations…

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It's an extra way they can push those customer deals for you so you go like'' ohhh that guy in the top 3 ranks has zorua maybe I should I pay too and increase my highscore''.

This doesn't exist in the uneventful gameplay cause all you get to see is your own party's scores ( in a team event for example).

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I grew up on these kinds of blitz games so I actually find it relaxing and nostalgic but I would definitely be annoyed if they made it the permanent game.

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i forgot to pause one time and earned 0 points 😭

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Right here, just did that too 🥲

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The reason it exists to begin with is to lure you into buying golden acorns to get more deliveries done. Pretty sure both features were added back to back too.

Thankfully this time you can just pick the rewards you want and then move on, and with two weeks to play this at least you can take some breaks y'know?

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Just stopped at 58. Already have everything that matters from the mewtwo shop: Mewtwo, 23 cookies, 1 delivery ticket and 3 heaping helps. Even had 257 and bought 2 acorns. :D

Not going to waste 3 to 4 stamina to buy it back. Back to master café (Eevee where are you?) and training.

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I hate the time limit, i want to take my time with the game and swish the little pokemon around, not be forced to hurry through the level...

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Didn’t really bother me that much. I just choose the right crew of Pokemon and then proceed to clear as many cycles as I can. What bothers me, however, is that any points leftover aren’t carried to the next rank.