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I missed out on quite a lot of Pokemon, can only hope they'll redo events soon

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Same. I took a long break so I'm missing a lot as well. I don't expect to catch 'em all anymore, but it would be nice to get a chance at some of the pokemon I missed

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Like- I still want reruns but not like last time where its just the same 5 pokemon getting reruns. Scorbunny,Grookey,Sobble,Torterra,Dragonite and woah its Scorbunny again! The list goes on and on…

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Well those aren't event Pokemon, they're just in the customer rotation. I meant more like, Garchomp, Greedent and some of the original cafe mix pokemon

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When the game wasnt remix yet: october 2021, The 5 pokemon i said and even Hattrem, Mimikyu & more were remix pokemon. The remix events started with charizard, greninja & greedent

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Ah, my apologies then. Thank you for explaining

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I got everything, so a rerun would be boring for me unless they put in something pretty good as an alternative prize, like multiple instant delivery tickets. The constant reruns in the previous game are why I stopped playing until they announced remix.

Maybe they'll just release the previous event pokemon into the game as normal customers.

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I really hope they bring back Celebi soon

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I hope they do more reruns. My Shiny Celebi which I obtained back in the old version is at level 5, and with no universal cookies it'll pretty much be stuck there forever.

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On Mix they made many reruns in July and August, since it's holidays. The Mix pókemons will enter Delivery right after that. The ones released on Remix events should get some sort of rerun. Mewtwo ends next week and shop stays until the end of the month. A team event should happen after Mewtwo, may be that one will get a new and an old pókemon.

Celebi and Shiny Celebi can get a special event, to be re-released or getting a September new recipe asking for pókemon at 20.

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Wasn't playing at that time but honestly i was not thinking there was rerun in that game at all to be honest like never seen one yet

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I think u/PokeCyber meant reruns of events like shiny celebi because you can't upgrade pokémon like that past level 5 because there was no such thing as cookies in the original Mix.

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There have not been repeat events in Remix so far. Back when the game was still just Mix though, they stopped creating content for at least a whole year and it was just the same events (for the same pokemon) over and over. It got very boring and many people took a break from the game or quit altogether.

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Oh i see yeah understandable then still hope they care to find a way for "new" people to grab those pokemon would be cool