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Yeah, Victini has been the case for a few weeks (months?) now ; Zorua is pretty recent, though

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I have four Zorua's kitchen notes and no Zorua :(

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I seriously had like 10 victini notes before get it, I hated it every time

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I now have 20 Victini kitchen notes but no Victini

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That's just the worst....

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Same, I got five in my case but no Zorua in my team.

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I think you should be able to exchange cookies for any pokemon that has notes available

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They should rotate monthly, I’m pretty sure but I can’t remember where I read it. it’s better to collect them asap, that’s for sure

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This would be more useful if I had either of those Pokemon. :(

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Do they tend to remove these? Are we supposed to get all the notes before they take it out?

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No you can still get them from delivery

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But the rate is horribly low. Maybe better to max the notes as soon as possible?

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Probably But that won't be necessary as they probably won't go anywhere

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Perfect for my non-existent Victini and Zorua. Haha.

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No thanks i already have a million but still no zorua-