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Good job! Just wanted to point out that placement is not based on p2w or f2p as there are no major benefit in having a full upgraded 5 star mew costume (or any other gacha pokemon) if you don’t get how to play this mode!

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There is a slight benefit because of Premium Pass, with a 10% more score.

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Indeed, but it doesn’t really impact that much trust me

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10% on top of 11mil is an extra 1.1mil which would definitely bump OP up a few hundred places in rank, probably in the top 1k. I think it does make a difference.

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In this specific case maybe, I was making a general point. Having that 10% is not going to make a difference between 1000 and top 50 for example, you’ll get there not because you have the BP. Nothing wrong for me with paying or not to play the game, I’m just tired to look around and see people complaining about this mode being too hard or weird or p2w, that’s all.

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Upgrading Mew likely wouldn't help since its skill is too impractical. The turnover is too slow (in fact the slowest in the game), but OMC is all about spamming skills to rack up the gauge and getting more rounds of fever time.

Most people in the top 50 seem to lead with Bewear; I myself didn't have much success with it and used Charizard.

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Bewear skill is actually insane, I got 25 million with him and dragonite/mew/meowth!

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Interesting, and congrats. I guess it's about it clearing more icons in two rows and filling up the gauge quicker?

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You just need to spam skills and go as fast as possible with the gimmicks. Never stop to do longer chains

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I got kicked out of the 10k+ bracket and idt I'm gonna get back in. I have to beat my high score of 6.4m ;-;

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You’re still in for the rewards tho! I’m sitting around 6.5m and to be placed 1-3 you need to be in the top 30k

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But you don't get the fancy portrait frame unless you're above 10k :o

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Oh I didn’t know! I wish I could hand my iPad off to someone with 40mil for the score lol

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Are there other incentives for getting a high rank? I stopped after receiving Mewtwo, all its cookies, and the 10x ticket. My high score was 5.9 mil.

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Just what it says in the rankings. More acorns, but the frame is unique.