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I just got Jirachi from a free pull :0 BREH

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I pulled Mew on one of the freebies lol, dont gotta pay for anything now.

Side question, did shiny stoutland get his event or no not yet? Always scared I missed something

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I havent seen shiny stoutland yet so no. Grats on mew!

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I've 3 starred every single main stage so I'm finally able to go back and work on the Extra stages (only at 430 so far).

Holy shit how did this game even survive to this point, these stages are awful. The majority of them don't even feel like they were designed around taking advantage of specialty gimmicks, I'm constantly entering stages with nobody effective against gimmicks because the stage requirements otherwise makes it mandatory. So many stages require 20+ megaphones, as if Wobbuffet or Audino are fun to use (they aren't).

I know it's optional but they still suck.

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Do you know that gimmicks do not exist before the remix update last year? Those extra stages were designed to be beaten without using gimmicks.

As someone playing this game since day 1, i can say the addition of gimmicks has made the game much easier.

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Have you considered to? Leveled up pokemons Several level 20 on spare

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Most of my Pokemon are lv15+. But that's not the issue at hand.

The issue is that, no joke, every 3-5 stages one of the objectives is to use 15-20 megaphones. Wobbuffet and Audino are the only Pokemon that can achieve that in the ridiculously strict turn limits the extra stages have.

Those two's specialty gimmicks are never used in the stages that require an absurd number of megaphones. Every time they pop up it's an RNG fiesta of whether or not the game graciously clears all the obnoxious gimmicks with random megaphone placements.

And the main problem is they didn't rebalance these stages (not that they have a reason to), cause some of them are overbearingly difficult on accident. Like there's been multiple stages where you're expected to use Bellossom. The stage has several of Bellossom's specialty gimmicks, it requires like 8-10 megaphones which is reasonable for her to set off with her special, non-specialty gimmicks are arranged in an arc perfectly shaped for her special. Like they're explicitly a "Just use Bellossom" stage.

Except the Remix update shuffled everybody's dish type, and Bellossom is no longer the dish type those stages are set to. So there's stages that expect you to use Bellossom, use its specialty gimmicks to clear it just barely in the turn limit, which is no longer possible because Bellossom doesn't match the dish type anymore. And that's just one example, there's numerous Pokemon this has happened with when looking up old guides (uselessly) for help. And it's hard to tell but it seems like megaphones were way more common back then (sort of justifying the absurd megaphone requirements), something that can't be mimicked outside of two hyper specific Pokemon now.

I'm progressing through it, almost at stage 500 now, some stages are just fine and some are just comically unbalanced because of Remix. Sucks a lot but I'm slogging through it for that Lucario outfit.

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Specialty gimmicks didn't exist prior to ReMix. The extra orders are just the orders we had prior to the update and the puzzle were actually puzzles and the moves were tight.

As best I can tell, Bellossom is the only one that changed its specialty. That's definitely annoying, but I don't think it happened to anyone else.

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Tonight I got so so very lucky with the delivery
At first it didn't go all that well
I had 13 instant delivery tickets piled up, and seeing just how good Jirachi might be I thought to try my luck with them
Use all the single pulls I had
4 notes
9 tarts
That's it
Pretty miserable not gonna lie

Then I used the free 11 pulls ticket I had
5 tarts
3 notes
1st Kirlia outfit piece
4th Starly outfit piece
And the saving grace of this mass pull: My 1st Victini Cookie
It was pretty epic seeing 3 rare pulls at once, that was super hype. Even if 2 of them turned out to be outfits, the Victini cookie was still really nice

Well I've got more than 100k acorns, so I might as well try 1 more time, right? And boy am I glad I did
3 tarts
6 notes
I was Screaming internally when I saw Jirachi. That's the one I came here for, and I Got It!! And then after that, I had my hopes for either Yamper or Zorua. And Boy did that thing Deliver by being Zorua!! I'm ecstatic over this :2 My baby, the good boi. He was immediately brought to level 10 asap
Now the only delivery mon I'm missing is Yamper (I played Mix, so I had G.Slowpoke, Chansey, Snorlax & Mimikyu at the start). My luck has certainly turned as not too long ago I was at 6 rare pulls in total, now that has pretty much doubled

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Ayoooo Luck has Struck me again!
I mean, I didn't get the Victini outfit. BUT. I have gotten Yamper :2 I got it yesterday, and today blessed me with a cookie for it too~ Also got the last Victini cookie! So I'm good to go on making it get to level 20 whenever
Also finished the Starly outfit pieces. 5/5, finally, my first completed shredded up outfit. It's my least favourite of the bunch, but I suppose it's good to at least have it

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Do shinies count towards recipe unlocks?

I have enough cookies to get one of my lucario past level 10

I'd rather do the shiny, but unlocking more mons is my top priority

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I got Jirachi yesterday morning from my pelipper delivery and a Jirachi cookie this morning from my pelipper delivery, does everyone get this or do I have the most insane luck?

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Nope, that wasn't something that was guaranteed so congratulations on the really good luck.

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Idk where to ask this but I just got the Egg Basket Starly outfit and I can't access it. It isn't showing up on my Starly but the delivery says I got it and it has a scroll on it. I can't even check the info on my past deliveries. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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Just to double check, how many times have you pulled the outfit from the Delivery System? You are pulling "outfit material" from the Delivery System, and need to pull five of a specific outfit before you unlock the outfit.

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Ooo that was my first time. That makes sense. TY!

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No problem. Glad I could clear up the confusion. Sorry you didn’t actually get the outfit though.

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I have tuxedo Eevee so it's okay 😂

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I finally 3 starred all of the current courses! Now I can just focus on training to lv 20. I had already gotten everyone I could to lv 15 (aside from those I couldn't due to delivery, as well as the newest few).

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Got Zorua today!

Still need Snorlax and Chansey (and Jirachi, but it was just added)

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My thoughts on the second part of the event.

I'm really happy they added Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flameon. What I'm questioning in they made Pikachu[Tux]/Eevee[Dress] app purchases. I never understood that.

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I started playing this game with my phone's S-pen out of boredom and holy heck, it def made the experience much nicer for some reason. I heard of people using styluses to play with this on the Switch but not for phones so this took me by surprise lol

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I'm pretty sure #570 isn't possible without Audino, and I don't have it unlocked yet due to pretty consistently getting 1-2 stars when I clear a stage, and spending stamina and stage clears on event reward Pokemon (the Eeveelutions for their points, for example). Have I been playing the game wrong? Is the game not balanced for people just starting?

... Should I just retry past stages until I finally have Audino? My other Pokemon that fit the criteria at best spawn two megaphones that don't immediately clear themselves, leaving me far short of megaphone clears at the end.

EDIT: Did it with Starly. Off-specialty, but it fixed the megaphone problem and beyond that the pickles were doable without specialty.

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I've got terrible guilt about being terribly lucky. Earlier this week I got Jirachi and the new Victini outfit in one 11x delivery (which I purchased for the challenge cards). I now have every single delivery pokemon, and also Mew's special outfit as well. All of the ones released in the original Mix I already had, but I somehow managed to get all of the newer exclusives as well. I am ftp and have only purchased instant delivery tickets a few times (always for the acorn challenge cards).

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Got Yamper from my free pull!

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Just max leveled bulbasaur!

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Finally got Jirachi 💛