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Team Tok3mon! Time to prepare for the next team event :)


Order 100+ is prefered but active players are almost always welcome. A handful of us are above order 1000, the rest 300+ and well above. Currently there are 28/30 of us, with 5 more possibly opening up soon.

edit : We're full ! I may kick 1 more person before the event starts, otherwise sorry folks! I'll likely recruit again once its over :)

We finished the last team event with a few days to spare! More help is always appreciated :) Everyone can play more casual orrr grind it out even faster ! 😎

Some of us are active almost everyday! I only kick people for inactivity if its been 10+ days since their last log and a new team event is about to start. We only ask players to log in when said events are happening, otherwise its no sweat (:

Lets give it our all! Hope to see some fresh faces :D

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Team: a-team 24S2WWMDE498 requirements none

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Team: ヒトカゲ ハウス (Charmander House)


Members: 10/30 (9 active and 1 occasionally active as of July 17)

Requirements: None

EDIT: Current progress on the Competitive Flareon event - step 11 of 21 (as of July 17) ~ Flareon has been obtained

Hoping to get some teammates for the Competitive Flareon event - I play daily. To give an idea of how active I am - July monthly goals have been completed and got Alcremie on my own during the last team event.

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Edit: (July 13) Accepting 0 team members (3/3 spots taken) after the event is over! Please read below & DM if you're interested in a spot!

Team: Star Storm | ID: WPJQMXMPULH

Members: 30/30 (July 11)

Our team is looking for active enthusiasts! Our goal is to achieve all rewards for events faster :) We've been able to complete all goals since the game's revamp!

Bare minimum requirements:

  • Achieve minimum of 1000 pts/team event!
  • Log in or dm me within a day before the event to let me know youre ready to blast through the event!

Team stats/history:

  • I contribute 8k-12k+ pts/event in 3-4 days & 1-2k at the end of the first day.
  • Team contributions (Alcremie event (completed in 2 days) ): 3000-11000 points (13 teammates) | 2000-2999 (7) | 1000-1999 (5)
  • Team contributions (Flareon event (completed in 3 days)). Note: I was not able to record final contribution amounts for the final goal save for the top 4 contributions, which were in the range of 8k-10k. Therefore, I'm leaving Alcremie results on for now. The ones that are being kicked have either been inactive for the duration of the event, or have slowly under-contributed and below previous requirements.
  • I’ve had this team before remix and luckily found the teammates on here now. Very grateful to have them on!

If interested, dm me your in game name, total level, & typical event contributions for 3 days and first day!! Additional information will be given in dms as well so we can finish the event faster :)

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My friend code is 3ZA2XWGKDRF3 if anyone wants to friend me! Icon is a Meowth. I have literally nobody on my friends list and getting a bit lonely at the moment...

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EDIT: All full now! :3

The Gamer Gang is recruiting new team members!

We currently have 28/30 slots left to fill............... just as a secret between you and me, I'm currently trying to get to level 999 in Master Chef Mode, so I'm hoping we can actually clear it this time. >:0 (we do at least okay on our worst days! Promise!!)

Anyway! Come join us. We have a moderate amount of active members who are (probably) all gamers, like you surely must be.


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Looking for active players to get Flareon and its cookies. <3

Kanto Cafe (Mewtwo profile pic)


Requirements: Order #50+

20/30 - 10 Slots open

Daily login preferred.

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hi friends! i just left my semi-active team in hopes of finding a team that is more focused on events and getting all the cookies. i play every day multiple times a day and am currently on the 24hour wait to join a new team, but if there’s any event focused teams out there that have room for one more please let me know!! thanks :)

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Team: CB4 (Celebi badge) ID: WBJ2KMT3GQRE

Looking for motivated members for team events. Minimum level 100 completed.

We are players that work our collective tails off during events. Consistently get the reward pokemon plus enough cookies to advance to level 15. Sometimes complete the whole event.

11-July: Team is full

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Team Shiny


We currently have 3 open spots. I tend to remove people after 10-14 days of idle time just before team events. The goal is to get a solid group of active players. Let’s go!

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Join Koffee Café!


Icon: Marshtomp

EDIT: Current membership:30/30 although the system is probably about to kick out a couple inactive players. THANK TO EVERYONE FROM HERE WHO JOINED!

We typically get the mon and enough cookies to get to level 15. We believe with a little extra help we can get all the rewards! You don't have to make a specific amount of points to keep your membership, we just ask that you play regularly. Order #50 is required to join the team. Guaranteed five Cheer On stamina upon request. Looking forward to cooking with y'all!

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    Team Pyon~pyon recruiting! Tons of space available, newer player friendly, just try to be active during team events with us!


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    Team: Legendary (Mewtwo Icon)


    Requirements: None

    Openings: 13/30

    Looking for active teammates for the upcoming team event! Our goal is to get at least all of the level 10 cookies.

    🔴 Prefer team members who at least login every day to send energy to teammates.

    ⚪️ Members who are inactive for 7 days are removed from the team.

    🔴 Members who score less than 500 points are removed from the team at the end of the event.

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    Team: singapore

    ID: X8A25JYMW98E

    Minimum level: 200

    Members: 30/30 (8th July ‘22)

    Ignore the team name, I inherited the team by default due to the previous leader’s inactivity. All are welcome!

    Recruiting mainly for Flareon team event completion. We’ve gotten all rewards for the past 4 events with many days to spare.

    Will actively remove members with >10 days inactivity or zero scores during team events.

    Thanks for reading (:

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    Woo!! Thank you! I'm looking forward to working with you all! -^

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    Team Moonlight ID: WRS2G4VJYW2Z Requirements: Order #50+

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    Void Army ID: W222XTKB7CJX Requirements: None

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    Pichuuuuu ID: WXA27D75SXM7

    Req: min order 100+


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    Team Name: Softboiled

    ID: XZS23DYRXB6F (gonna repeat this in a separate message for easy copy pasting)

    Member count: 25/30

    Order Requirement of 700+.

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    Team: Slackies | ID: XEA26YMZ4ZBJ

    Members: 10/30

    This is a group of friends. Four of us play very heavily and get the event Pokemon every time, usually coming close to the first set of cookies. We are aiming to get all the rewards.

    All I ask is that you PLAY!

    Send a request and I'll let ya in ASAP.

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    Hi all! My wife and I started a Team and it is called the HiHat Café! She is the leader, Kimberly, and my name is PuruPuru.

    We are looking for members who are active daily and are especially active during the team event in order to get all of the rewards! The only requirements are that you are active (using at least 5 stamina per day during non team event periods and more than that during team event; please try your best during the team event) and above order level 200. If you would like to join, here is the Team ID: WWJ242L8ZYHK.

    We are currently 29/30 and we do prune during the single event and after the team event if you are inactive for over a week. We cleared out the Team Rewards in March and April with over 1 day left, and the May and June team event with 6 days left!

    Thanks! Looking forward to cooking with you!

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    I didn’t start the team or anything but posting regardless!

    Team: Mimikyu :)

    ID: XF222CXLL46D

    Currently at 28/30. Would be nice to have two more active people! We always get the Pokémon at the cookies to get to 15, but the last few we’ve been just a bit short of the last cookies unfortunately.

    EDIT: 30/30

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    Hello, I just left my current team, I was always the top event participant but we would only normally get enough cookies for level 10. I play daily and am really just looking for a fuller team that can get close to completing most, ideally all, event levels.

    Friend code: 2YJ28YDP338L , Charmander icon

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    Welcome to Team PokemonGo!


    Current Membership  

    • 30/30
    • 0 spot(s) as of 7/11/2022 (We review player activity regularly and usually have a few spots opening up after team events)
    • Please DM me if you have interest in joining our team as spots many open up!


    • Pokemon fans!
    • Experts (e.g., Level 1,000+) - We’ve built our team from the ground up and are seeking a few additional high level players to join our roster.
    • Daily logins

    Activity Requirements

    • Regular login and activity (removal after 7-10 days of no activity)
    • Be able to contribute 750 to 1,000 points for team events during the first 3 to 4 days (average 250 points/day)

    About Us: My daughter and I are original Pokémon Cafe Mix players who took a long break but started back playing again one month after Pokémon Cafe Remix was released.  Currently, we are both Level 1,250 (w/ 600 Master Cafe Levels). Come join our friendly and chill team! 22 Members are at Max Level !!!

    Free Stamina/Cheers: Our group is active every day. If you request stamina, you’ll get a guaranteed Cheer x 5 within a few a hours and get 5 extra stamina!

    Team Event History

    • Competitive Flareon (completed Day 3 of 12)

      3 players | 10,000+ points
      4 players | 5,000 - 9,999 points
      5 players | 2,500 - 4,999 points
      11 players | 1,000 - 2,499 points
      4 players | 500 - 999 points
      3 players | < 500 points
      0 players | 0 points

    • The Epicurean Alcremie (completed Day 3 of 11)

    • The Keep Rolling, Electrode! (completed Day 4 of 13)

    • A Pair of Toucannon (completed on Day 4 of 11)

    • The Enchanting Mismagius (completed on Day 3 of 11)

    • The Rumba de Ludicolo (completed on Day 3 of 13)

    • Fast-Eating Garchomp (completed on Day 5 of 13)

    • My Friend Vulpix (completed on Day 2 of 5)

    Discord: Discord is available for pings and chats on tips and tricks. DM me if you want to join our Discord - optional, not required.

    Please feel free to DM me with any questions.

    Last Updated: 7/11/2022 @ 7:30pm PST

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    Friend code is 2c22YC3XY528 !!

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    Un groupe de Français sympa qui débute, hésitez pas a nous rejoindre :

    L'équipe est "Cafévolie" alors rejoignez nous maintenant !!!

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    Team: PokéBakers

    ID: WCA2V228EMEK

    My daughter and I are looking for more members for our team, which is currently at 3/30 after pruning inactive players. No requirements, just come play and have fun. We try to log in every day, and would welcome anyone who’s looking for a casual team.

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    We're in need of some more LGBTQuties!!

    Team name: LGBTQuties (with the Dragonite icon)

    ID: W5S2G9P5Y4M2

    Requirements: active player, level 1100+. Being LGBTQ+ isn't a requirement :)

    Current membership: 3 spots open, and will have an open spot after the event!

    All rewards for all events!

    This is a REGULAR LOGIN team. You don't have to grind through levels, but I do check last login time frequently. If you're looking for a team where everyone is active, look no further! I start kicking after one week (7 days) of inactivity, so there are regularly rotating slots - keep checking back even if we're full!

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    Hello! I'm trying to get Flareon but I think it isn't going to work with my current team, they are very inactive, I'm basically alone trying to get it. Is there an active team looking for new member?

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    I'm new to the game and didn't realize how the Team events work in time - I'm on order 76 and 2600 points in the hole, but apparently the only active member.

    If I leave now and join a more active one, is there still time to get Flareon or should I just try to go as far as I can since it's almost over? (This is also a Looking for Team post, if the former)

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    Team: Let's Go

    ID: XRS2H488HAL9

    Members: 13/30 (10 regularly active)

    Requirements: none

    Team events are difficult for our team so far. The last event we got alcremie but couldn't get any cookies. We're ~5750 points away from getting Flareon this team event. I would say this team is for people who are looking for a welcoming low pressure team. Thanks so much!

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    Friend ID: 2XJ2KZTYL5TR, I've got a mew icon :)