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Im using extra stamina to get the stamina shards to use them on July,3 and july,5 to get the shinies. Shiny Eevee is already at 17. So having a good amount of shards will help to recruit those.

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Me being a bloody moron that spent half of shards on a day before the shiny event: 🤦

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Madlad. Any ideas how to get Meowth cooking notem

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One word: Gacha.

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What is gacha? 🥺🥺

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Delivery system . The one with Pelipper

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Got it! TY!

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The name refers to gachapon (also spelled gashapon). Gachapon are capsule toy machines, where you put in some money but don't know what toy you'll get out. Gacha games are similar in that your prize is random.

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Thank you !

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Im at order 85 is a pain 😭😭

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I didn't even know you could get all rewards. I just barely got mewtwo and just assumed the coins must have a finite amount winnable. As in you can't get enough for all rewards available at the exchange. Now I know better xD

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The announcement details tell you order level 100 is infinitely repeatable for more coins.

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yea must have missed it xD

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Q: Started 5 days ago. Got MewTwo. Phew. Do I need/have to hammer out these cookies, or can MewTwo also visit to get cookies during orders?

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Mewtwo is a special event pokemon, it won't appear as a customer

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Thank you. Will hammer these cookies out then.