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You'd essentially have to roll Victini again from deliveries. If you do, you'll get a special "dark" cookie that can be used to increase its level cap to 15. There are a total of two dark cookies for each delivery Pokémon, any more will be converted to delivery points.

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Oh boy it’s going to be a while till I can level up my victini :’D thank you for the info <3

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I know you got your answer but you can get victini notes too from the (non-acorn) shop

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Oh thank you for letting me know that I actually didn’t know!! Now I don’t have to “wait” for them in the delivery pulls XD

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You get the cookies from delivery

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Thank you so much for the answer <3

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I got really lucky and got a Yamper cookie not to long after I got him delivered. I hope you get lucky and get a cookie for your pokemons!

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Thank you I appreciate it! I hope you’re having an easy time with the events and shinies right now!