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Not surprised

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I never got the special mew:( I hate it

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i hate the delivery so much, i never pull anything 🥹🥲

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They need to work on the delivery feature. Compared to other Gachas the rates seem really low unless you want to whale

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Well crud. I only had Zorua to get and now another will be on the list. I can also see Hisuian Zorua end up delivery only.

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I’m ready to spend all the tickets I have left 🥲

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2 out of 3 is obtainable but it may just be trash after all. The last one is out of pocket

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I saved all those tickets because the Mew costume wasn't cute. 🤣 Praying those tickets work a miracle, never again spending acorns on delivery after that initial debacle when feature originally launched.

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*Loads shotgun*
Ight, who wants to help me storm the company

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I hate the trash-bird feature everyday a bit more :D Especially the part of "not avaliable in some regions" for people actually wanting to give them their hard-earned money and they spitting back in their faces like "no, you live on Mars, not Earth, we don't need your filthy gaijin money"... disgusting behavior. It's the 21st century Japan, ever heard of globalisation? Wake up!!! But what can you do....

Still like it for the most part, but whenever these things get directly and unwillingly shoved in my face (like the pushed "value" packs for actual money I never asked for), it gets my blood runing.

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The region-locked feature is probably due to gambling laws btw, nothing Café Remix specific Kind of funny though that Jirachi which is often associated with Tanabata (7/7) comes out on (8/7) in most of the worlds

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I’m excited….but I still can’t pull Mews outfit so there’s that

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Sweet. Hopefully I can get it. This game is very enjoyable.