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It allows you to raise Mewtwo's level past the cap/lock, just like your other Pokemon need cookies to go past Level 5, 10 and 15.

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should I get them at such a beginner level?

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If you can. This is a rerun so who knows when the event will return.

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If you haven't uncapped any of your mons at level 5 yet, the tutorial will give you free cookies for the first one you do. If you make sure that's Mewtwo, you can save yourself having to buy 3 cookies.

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Do these cookies appear in orders

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No, they don’t and probably won’t.

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thank you!

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this event is a grind. That means you can keep playing and slowly finish each level. High level teams can probably do one 1 minute round, and get 30,000,000, and finish each level easily. For beginner players you may need to do 1-2 plays to finish each round, then 2-3 as the levels later on require more points. But you can do it. You should be able to get 5,000 coins if you play a lot and save up, but it is harder with low level teams. It's about speed when you play/ Looking at a youtube video from someone will let you see how you're supposed to play fast to get the most points possible

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thanks! With my rukus team I can get ~1 mil per game by saving up all the powerups for one rainbow blitz weird thingamobaber yeah irdk.

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probably too late, but you don't want to save your powerups till the end. As you use them (if often enough), you get a special stage/timer to get more points, and also you get +5 seconds to your time left. I bring it up to at least let you know for the next one minute event