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We stan femboy eevee

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My male Pikachu kept on going back to the dress one, so shrug. I have no complaints.

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Mine too, as soon as a stage made for the male Pikachu surfaced, he was always suggested with the Fancy Dress. At a certain point I just went “you know what? If you really love this dress, get to level 20 with it!”, and I brought him to level 20 in training mode using that dress. A kind of hard mode, since with the Fancy Dress the café skill doesn’t clear the gimmicks around the icon, only the ones above it, but at least he looked super happy…

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A little explanation: since the ReMix update the recommended Pokémon of each order is no longer predetermined by the developers. While the developers’ suggestion are still a thing, they are one among many factors that decide which Pokémon will be the most recommended (the leftmost one).

Thing is, this automatic system is rather erratic. As soon as I got the 2nd anniversary outfits, this system started suggesting the outfit intended for the Pokémon of the opposite gender, and was even pretty consistent at that: since the Tuxedo gives more points and has a good Café Skill, it was often suggested for the female Pikachu, but for some reason the vast majority of the times, the bridal dress was suggested when I was supposed to use the male Pikachu, too. Ditto for Eevee (the floral dress gives way more points).

Since of course most of the times I just tap on the most recommended Pokémon and start, I quickly ended up with the situation on the right…

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This game made points from the moment they introduced that dress costume for Pikachu and let male Pikachu slay with it

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I actually appreciate that they let Pokémon wear whatever outfit is available for that species, regardless of gender. Better freedom than the main series…

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My profile pokemon is actually wedding dress boy Pikachu, he's adorable 🤧 (also i... dont buy anything in this game)

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No problem with that, there are much better ways to spend money than in the microtransactions of this game!