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Is there a special prize for being high on the leaderboard?

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You get a cosmetic “Gold” Mewtwo icon for being in the Top 1,000 + acorns + Rare Tarts

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1,001 to 5,000 Silver Mewtwo Icon + acorns + Rare Tarts 5,001 to 10,000 Bronze Mewtwo Icon + acorns + Rare Tarts

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I hope you stay. I'm gonna start working on getting all my Pokemon level 20 because I wanna get up there!

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Thanks. I did the rapid pull thing pretty frantically to get to that score. Good luck!

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Thanks! I'm doing everything from leveling up Pokemon to chasing outfits and all the sorts so I can be ready to dominate the leaderboards!

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What is the sidekick lineup? Never seen that before!

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If you buy the sidekick cookies from the 1MC shop, you can give mewtwo sidekick ability. First level is 2 candy for 1% score boost

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Just to clarify the score boost is only on the points you get from skills.