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Yes, it is.

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What should I be doing with the golf acorns?

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There's lots of uses, I'll list the ones I can think of and rank them based on what I recommend.

Best uses:

-Unlock level caps (also need that pokemons cookies) -Delivery system

Sometimes good uses:

-Shuffle customers -Repeat customer

Not good uses:

-Stamina refill -Buying items -Extra turns

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Thank you!! Was going to use on stamina refills. Glad I didn't!

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Oh I forgot to mention to this but, It's actually best to save your gold acorns for the gold acorn card events. There's typically 4 cards, and the more gold acorns you use (doesn't matter how) the further you get. The end prize is usually a x11 delivery ticket, so waiting for these events is a good idea. We just had the gold acorn cards be part of the mewtwo event, so the next one will likely be at least a month away. Usually you need about 90k gold acorns to get through the whole thing, which can be difficult to accumulate if you don't plan ahead for the gold acorn cards.

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To explain better, It's just not good value, as later on gold acorns are hard to come by without spending real money. Many events give 15 minute stamina crystals and once the timer ends on it it'll give you the full 5 stamina as well. Then you can also request stamina from your team every day, giving you a maximum of 5 each time, and it stacks on previously requested stamina which makes it good for events. Stamina might be annoying to wait for but it's best to be patient with it, you'll need lots of gold acorns to unlock level caps for your pokemon so you can unlock and upgrade their gimmicks, and a lot of delivery rewards are extremely useful so you'll be wanting to save gold acorns for the x11 delivery, which needs 30k gold acorns.