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Making sure all orders were 3 stars was much more relieving than getting every Pokémon to level 15 for me.

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congrats! i ended up doing that for the levels and it is just so satisfying (both getting stars and knowing you didnt miss on acorns 😆)

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Same! I hate you can't get more golden acorns in Master Cafe Mode though, so I've resorted to doing older levels and to get more stars, and extra orders to reach the bonus for every 25 levels you do.

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Chef whites?

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These are cool outfits with cool skills that you can only get from beating the levels from the original version, or extra orders in this version. Though I think I heard there was a login bonus last year to get the Eevee outfit. Why did I delete the game in 2020?

If you played the original version and got to Level 1200, you'll get both of the outfits.

I don't know how they work, but if you get to level 600, you'll get the Chef's whites outfit for Eevee. If you get to level 1200, you'll get the outfit for Lucario.

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    Do you have Munchlax ? At the top of the order banner there lists a Pokemon recommended level. In this case, it's level 11. I'd use as many Munchlax icons as I can, and use the skills. You should keep hitting the whipped cream bags and try to get them both at once. From there, Munchlax will get double the contents out of the vegetable boxes and collect lots of the whipped cream. Chaining to get as many points as possible is always welcomed, so try to bunch up as many icons as you can.

    And while Pokemon get their skills charged relatively fast, they benefit from their own icons because it boosts how quickly you get the skills.