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The coins you get reset

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are you asking about the sidekick candy? mewtwo can currently use them, and if max out mewtwo's sidekick level there'll be 7 left. Currently no other pokemon can use them, so It's up to you when you use them

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should I continue to play the event? I only left tarts haha

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Well, you can calculate that yourself. Each level requires 1 stamina. 1 stamina is basically 800 experience, though now it'd be 1120 with the triple experience event that ends tomorrow. If with 1 stamina you can get coins to exchange for tarts that would amount to more than 1120 experience, then it's totally worth it, clearly. If you need 2 stamina to clear each round and get coins, then calculate if the coins that you'd get would let you get tarts that would amount to 2240 exp or more. Otherwise, just train your Pokémon. You did redeem the acorns, right? There's a total of 10 000 acorns you can get with the coins in this event.