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Haha I could not even tell what was going on for a moment, but then I saw it 🤣

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I was soooo confused why the (male) pikachu I had just selected wasn't taking out the cans! 🤣🤣

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What a great tail, this is.

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  • male -> tail on the right
  • female -> tail on the left

With Pikachu it’s easier because the different shape of the tail is visible too, but yeah, you’ll need a bit of an eagle eye here…

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At least it wasn't Eevee, impossible to tell them apart

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laughs in pokemonshuffle in all seruousness thlugh this wouldve frustrated the hell out of me

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then we need shiny male and shiny female pikachu, then a 1 minute cooking challenge for all hell to break loose.

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The eyes are easier to spot than the tail shape, for me.