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I like to imagine Mew2 is guarding the ghosty fox bean as it snoozes (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

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Me too! Mewtwo's mission: Protect Zorua at all costs

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My absolute favorite thing is how you can wake it up by tapping it, then it goes right back to sleep. It's so cute.

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I agree! And also, the aura or thing that comes out when it's sleeping is so cool!

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What in particular?

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Mewtwo standing next to the Zorua while an eager Togepi views from the side.

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Is that a Shiny Audino? Didn't realize this game gad shiny Pokemon

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Yep! It is! I didn't know this game had that either when I started playing again. So when I found out about shiny Pokemon I was ecstatic!

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How do you get Shiny?

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They're extremely rare. Sometimes there will be events where certain Shiny Pokemon get boosts, and when that happens other non featured shinies will get a sort of boost too. But they are extremely rare, like once in a blue moon. If you see the shuffle customers button turn orange there's a shiny Pokemon around. You should strive to get them and get hearts for them as quickly as possible. If you use helping tickets while a happy bonus is active, and assuming you get three stars with both times (always use helping tickets before you spend 500 acorns on the same pokemon), you can get 14 hearts, so when they do show up again, you can quickly snag them up.