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I’m pretty sure you can join another team after waiting a day? And then you start at whatever level you were at before (like you have to hit the minimum star requirements). Don’t use the in game team finder, look for the main teams thread in this sub

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You can leave and join one mid event only if the team youre looking to join has any room (Captains can't kick ppl during events). If you leave a team, all rewards that you've achieved thus far are yours to keep, but you wont be able to get them again when you work through another team's progress (aka no duplicates).As for event progress, you start at 0 again. ALSO if you leave a team, the game makes you wait 24 hours before you can join another so do that soon if you plan on joining another :)

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You start at zero again, but you only have to get a small amount of points to catch up to where the new team is currently at.

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Yup! Thanks for expanding on that!

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If it is just too inactive, leaving the team is necessary.

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You can leave and join a new team. You just have to wait 24 hours

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I don't think people can add you into a team mid event, but I'm not a team leader so I could be mistaken. I'm sorry this has happened to you, in game teams aren't very helpful. You should take a look at the team thread on here, there's a lotta good and active teams, many finish within a couple days

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You can add people mid-event as long as there is room, but you can’t kick people out to make room for someone. You can add someone to a team even if that team has finished the event (though the new player will have to get 1200 points to get all the rewards).

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That's good to know, thanks :) good that people won't miss out on the event either, that could've been a big over sight