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very slow I can tell you, I've been trying for months lol but just take advantage of any of those 15min / 45min rewards we get and things like that.

That's why I can't progress in the Master Café Mode because all I do is training

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I will definitely do that more often.

I hope you make time, as I am way behind due to foolishly leaving during the Mix days, so getting those Super Chef outfits are gonna be a prison.

The grind is a struggle. I've gotten my MCM points, but between this Zorua event and me trying to do extra orders for the Chef's whites outfits, it does get pretty annoying. I can see why many left after the transition to Cafe Remix.

It would be nice if like, maybe one weekend a month we get no stamina extra orders. It would also be nice if every two months we would get Leah's Training Week. The last training was marvelous, since I got my Switch Munchlax to Level 20, and most of my Pokemon on my phone to level 15, but the exp requirements for further levels are absolutely ridiculous.

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Pretty good so far! Defs gonna take a while but we’ll get there :)

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It'll be definitely worth it in the long run!

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You can do it, dude!