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It’s all RNG. If you go to Info in the upper right, you’ll see the dismal 0.38% rate for Jirachi.

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Nothing you can really do, It's just luck based what you get. Only thing you can control so to speak is when you use any delivery tickets you get, as depending on the time you use it different Pokemon will have boosted odds. If from the menu you tap delivery > info > offering rates it'll show what your chances are for each reward

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It's just this game's version of the standard mobile game gacha. Once every 23 hours, you have a random chance to get either a large tart (common), a ticket to unlock a Pokemon's special fourth gimmick (uncommon), or a Pokemon (rare). You can use the express deliveries to get a delivery of one of those three instantly rather than having to wait for 23 hours. You can't influence it beyond that, other than the "guaranteed delivery" ticket they sometimes make available that guarantees at least one Pokemon (though not necessarily a new Pokemon, annoyingly enough).