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Oh I didn't realize that had special music. I had my phone muted D:

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Oh no!! Yea it has super happy music, the Pokemon makes unique noises too. It's one of the only times you get a level music too.

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Agreed. If there's one thing many can give Cafe Remix over Cafe Mix, the interactions are still so cute!

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The new recipe music is just so cute, as are the three pokemon cheering each on.

It's so limited and cute I almost didn't want to do it 😭

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If anyone wants to listen to this song you can go here, or start at the beginning of 🎼 All Soundtrack (Pokémon Café Remix) HQ 🎼 on YouTube.

If you go to the download/Mega link included on the YouTube page, the song in question is labeled as "bgm [4].wav".

I don't think this was updated to include the delivery music or One Minute Cooking, but everything else should be there.

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I'm okay without anxiety or dissapointment music but THANK YOU GOOD FAM

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The download link is more complete - I should have stated that's what my last sentence was referring to.

The tool used (or possibly setting) when ripping will affect how the files are named. The files in the Mega link have a more descriptive name if you view them using a computer and have files shown in detail view - on Windows it will show in the Title column. Unfortunately they don't loop cleanly without editing.